ANNOUNCE: Gossip 0.11

Gossip 0.11 is now available for download from:

What is Gossip

Gossip is an instant messaging client for GNOME with an easy-to-use 
interface, providing users of the GNOME Desktop with a friendly way to 
keep in touch with their friends.

What's new in Gossip 0.11

- Added a smiley menu and context menu for chat windows (Martyn). 
- Added the ability to view message history (Martyn).
- Make use of the GtkAboutDialog (Martyn).
- Reworked the 'x' in chat tabs so that it replaces the presence
icon when the pointer is hovering over it. Clicking the 'x' will still
close the tab. Comments relating to this change can be found against
the original bug #322030 (Martyn).  

It is important to note that the NEW message history feature has meant
that the conversation logs are now stored differently to previous
versions of Gossip. This means that older logs will not be viewable with
the new work. 

You can still go to the log directory (~/.gnome2/Gossip/logs) to
retrieve older conversations.

Bugs Fixed

- Fixed #340259, Make sure the chatroom address is displayed in
chatroom invitations (Keywan Najafi Tonekaboni).
- Fixed #339655, Added a "decline" button for chat room invitations
(Keywan Najafi Tonekaboni).  
- Fixed #116787, Use a pending icon for subscribing contacts (images
by Daniel Taylor).
- Fixed #332539, Fixed crash when quitting (Richard Hult).
- Fixed #340008, Use Ctrl+H to show/hide offline contacts (Wouter
- Fixed #339558, Escape text before using it for notifications (Paul
Van Tilburg). 
- Fixed #141564, Added group chat logging (Mikael Hallendal).
- Fixed #339147, Don't spam notifications and sounds when connecting
(Wouter Bolsterlee).
- Fixed #338998, Don't hint the window on every message in group chat
(Ross Burton).
- Fixed #339056, Make sure we escape ALL strings that we write to log
files, including the nickname (Samuel Hym).
- Fixed #155571, Support adding chat rooms to favourites from the chat
window (Keywan Najafi Tonekaboni).
- Fixed #332254, Don't crash when clicking "Subscribe" in the contact
info dialog (Wouter Bolsterlee). 
- Fixed #336442, Fixed inconsistent presence state, with multiple
accounts it would sometimes be online when offline and visa verse
- Fixed #335504, Make sure we give error feedback when authentication
fails with only ONE account (Paul Van Tilburg).
- Fixed #319080, Don't send out composing unless it has been requested
by the other contact. This was causing empty messages to occur (Ross
- Fixed #141577, Clean up composing state if stuck after 45 seconds
- Fixed #337837, Update the LINGUAS to be in line with the documented
( GONME goals, (patch by
Caio Marcelo).  
- Fixed #335030, Allow rejoining group chats after disconnecting
- Fixed #337184, Don't save the new chat room unless successfully
joined (Keywan Najafi Tonekaboni).
- Fixed #337188, When joining a chatroom, the Join button turned into
Cancel, which meant we had two Cancel buttons in the new chat room
dialog and in the chat rooms window (Keywan Najafi Tonekaboni). 
- Fixed #337750, Add the Gossip website URL to the about dialog (Brian
- Fixed #337001, Be consistent with the "View Previous Conversations"
action text and mnemonics in chat windows, context menus, etc (Wouter
- Fixed #337647, Don't show status notifications when busy (Richard).
- Fixed #336395, Silence log warnings on 64bit systems (Caio Marcelo).
- Fixed #337623, Silence regexp warning (Caio Marcelo, Richard).
- Fixed #337645, Don't leak the presence chooser pop up menu (based on
patch from Dimitur Kirov, Richard).
- Fixed #336456, Don't put "Gossip" in front of every window title
(Wouter Bolsterlee, Brian Pepple). 
- Fixed #305370, Support the "subject" Jabber message element (Jeremy
- Fixed #336222, Add a "send message" button to online notifications
(Wouter Bolsterlee). 
- Fixed #163816, Highlight and make mailto: URLs work (Micke).
- Fixed #309912, Don't propagate Jabber messages with no <body>
element (Ralph Meijer).  
- Fixed #336375, Use theme friendly icons (Brian Pepple).
- Fixed #336395, Fixed some type compilation warnings (Richard).
- Fixed #336451, Notification bubbles should attach to notification
icon (Caio Marcelo, Richard).
- Fixed #322779, Stop the notification icon blinking when going
offline during the Available->Away or Away->Available transition
(Keywan Najafi Tonekaboni, Richard).
- Fixed #336011, Fixed some type warnings in the debugging (Caio
Marcelo, Richard).
- Fixed #306529, Make it easy to view message history for offline
contacts (Paul Van Tilburg, Martyn).
- Fixed #336008, Show the account name and id when asking for the
account password so we know which password to enter when we have
multiple accounts configured (André Dahlqvist). 
- Fixed #336064, Add a mnemonic for the chat theme option in the
preferences (Wouter Bolsterlee).
- Fixed #335464, Don't spam notifying offline contacts as online when
activating the "Show Offline Contacts" feature (Keywan Najafi
- Fixed #335993, Use GOption instead of popt (Caio Marcelo).
- Fixed #335992, Add the license to the new about dialog (Brian
- Fixed #335064, Try to fix make install failing in help directory

Updated Translations

Clytie Siddall (vi)
Francisco Javier F. Serrador (es)
Kjartan Maraas (no)
Ole Laursen (da)
Richard Hult, Daniel Nylander (sv)
Wouter Bolsterlee, Vincent van Adrighem (nl)
Žygimantas Beručka (lt)

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The Gossip project page:

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1 May 2006
Gossip Team

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