Gnome Hearts 0.1 Release Announcement

Gnome Hearts 0.1 Release Announcement

Lone Wolves [1] is happy to announce the release of Gnome Hearts version 0.1, an implementation of the classic hearts card game for the Gnome desktop. Gnome Hearts 0.1 is the first release since the project's inception on April 30, earlier this year.

Gnome Hearts features configurable rule-sets such as Omnibus and Spot Hearts besides the standard rules. The game also has multiple computer players that are implemented in the Lua [2] scripting language. This allows for easy modification of the players. Also, the game can use any deck of cards installed for the Gnome Games package.


Downloading and installing Gnome Hearts

Gnome Hearts can be downloaded from the project website at or directly using this link [3]. At the moment only a .tar.gz source package is available. Binaries for various distributions will appear at a later date. Keep an eye out on the download page and the mailing list [4] for the announcements. In order to build the .tar.gz you need to have libgnomeui2.0, liblua50, liblualib50 and libglade2 plus their respective headers installed. See the README file in the package for more details.



Many thanks to the people that contributed to this first release and those who cast a critical glance over the package so we could fix many issues before our first release.

Sander Marechal

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