vte-0.13.2 released [unstable]

Vte-0.13.2 is available for download at:


Vte is GNOME 2's virtual-terminal emulation widget.

This is an unstable release.

	Bug 344666 – Problems with *_CFLAGS and *_LDFLAGS in makefiles
	             Patch from Stepan Kasal <kasal ucw cz>.
	Bug 339529 – gnome-terminal (vte) crashes when detatched window is
	Bug 342549 – uninitialized var (coverity)
	             Patch from Paolo Borelli.
	Bug 342082 – vte_invalidate_region() may check whether terminal is
	             realiazed or not
	             Patch from Kouhei Sutou.
	Bug 340363 – vte Cygwin build fixes
	             Patch from Cygwin Ports maintainer
	Bug 341793 – vte.h doesn't need to include X11/Xlib.h
	             Patch from Kouhei Sutou
	Require intltool 0.35.0 to have translations in the dist tarballs.
	Fix typo which may have been causing things like crashes.

Behdad Esfahbod
12 June 2006

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