libwnck 2.15.3

* What is it ?

Library for writing different kinds of workspace switchers, window lists,
task bars, task menus, etc. Window Navigation Construction Kit. Pronounced

* What's changed ?


 - restart activation timeout when the mouse moves to a different
   workspace (Benjamin)
 - new methods to test if the names returned by wnck_window_get_name
   and wnck_window_get_icon_name are real or just FALLBACK_NAME (Dan)


 - don't translate %s (Vincent) [#339069]


 - Guillaume Savaton (eo)

* Where can I get it ?

Source code


6e9ef41d1aa9e81d6bc33047cccbe07f  libwnck-2.15.3.tar.bz2
08a86da5a0225ef1ac5f340b95e74a4c  libwnck-2.15.3.tar.gz

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