ANNOUNCE: gedit-plugins 2.15.3

Hi all,

gedit-plugins 2.15.3 is available.

gedit-plugins is a set of (hopefuly useful) plugins for the GNOME text
editor, gedit.


* Changes in 2.15.3

New features and fixes:
 - Autotools fixes (Jesse van den Kieboom, Steve Frécinaux)
 - Terminal now uses gnome-terminal default profile (Steve Frécinaux)
 - New Smart Spaces unindent plugin (Steve Frécinaux)
 - various fixes

New and updated translations:
 - cs (Jakub Friedl)
 - pt_BR (Raphael Higino)

* Download
md5sums: 1d7c70969fbd60b466e00f3295bced59
md5sums: 4182e0b3b522cb35e5348ce00c8aaa1d

* Development

Don't hesitate to have a talk with the gedit team on #gedit on if you want to give gedit-plugins some of the love it
needs :-)


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