Dasher 4.1.4 released

Dasher 4.1.4 is now available for download from:


Windows and (unofficial) Debian binaries are available from:


The 4.1.x series of Dasher releases is a development series which will
lead to version 4.2.0 in time for the GNOME 2.16 release. If you're
after stability, install the latest 4.0.x version instead.

The 4.1.x series aims to improve interaction with the desktop
environment and window manager, for example to make it easier to enter
text into other applications. 4.1.4 fixes a number of bugs which were
present in 4.1.0.

We're always greatful for any feedback from users - either via the GNOME


Or by email to dasher mrao cam ac uk 

Thanks to all who contributed to this release,

Phil Cowans
9th June 2006

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