[Announce] The Scw library version 0.4.4

I'm happy to announce a new release of Scw, the chat-oriented widget set!
(I have a broken memory chip, didn't remember to send announcements for the
releases between 0.3.0 and 0.4.4...)

What's new?

The release 0.4.4 includes the following changes (from 0.3.0):

* Bugfixes:
  - Draw much less (but still enough ;)
  - Fix memory leaks

* API changes:
  - scw_view_set_column_foldable():
      Add a boolean argument to control the foldability
      (previously you couldn't undo setting foldability)
  - New signal: "buffer-request"
  - New method: scw_view_scroll_to_row():
      Scrolls the view to given row (a GtkTreePath)

* Gtk-docs, at last!

(and possibly more, but haven't managed to keep track of all the
individual fixes)

What is it?

Scw is a library that includes widgets designed for chat programs.

Currently this means (but will be extended with time):

* ScwView, a view that has:
  - Activatable text (urls, user names, etc)
  - Embedded icons
  - Pango markup
  - Wrapping
  - GtkTreeModel implementations as data storage
  - Different interaction modes (select, pan, smart pan)

* ScwEntry, an derivate of GtkEntry which adds:
  - Simple input history

Python and Ruby bindings are available, Java-Gtk bindings are (still) planned
(but not on the immediate todo list). Any bindings will be welcomed.

As a bonus feature, the widgets are guaranteed to compile and work on
the Maemo[1] platform (used in the Nokia 770[2] that everybody is so
exited about).

More detailed description, as well as API documentation is found on
the home page of Scw.

Applications that use Scw

* Rirc (an irssi2 client, not exactly sure about status)
* Silky (is being ported to it in the REWRITE branch,
* Telepathy people have been doing a proto client using Scw
* Your app here possibly? Let me know!

Where to get it?


Version 0.4.4:

Python bindings

Ruby bindings

Communication options

As I haven't yet set up mailing lists or bugzilla or anything really,
bug reports and other stuff should be sent straight to me at
zuh iki fi
Kalle Vahlman, zuh iki fi
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