System Tools Backends 1.9.0 released

The System Tools Backends version 1.9.0 "Pluto tan" have been released.

This is the first release towards 2.x series, which will feature DBus
interfaces to access data, signals to notify asynchronously about
modifications in the configuration and a cleaner codebase. If you're
interested in the 1.4.x series, checkout the stb-1-4 CVS branch.

The System Tools Backends are a set of cross-platform modules for Linux,
FreeBSD and other Unix systems. The backends provide an common DBus
interface to all distros for modifying or reading the system

Right now the System Tools Backends fully support various distros/OS
such as: Redhat, Mandrake, SuSE, Fedora, Debian (and derivations like
Ubuntu, Linex, Guadalinex...), Gentoo, Slackware, FreeBSD, OpenNA, PLD,
Vine and Specifix.

You can get it from :

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