ANNOUNCE: G-Inspector 20050529

G-Inspector 20050529 has been released.


What is G-Inspector

  G-Inspector is a GLib(GTK+) object/class inspector. 

Major Features

  * Display/edit object properties,
  * Display widget tree/list,
  * Display class(GType) tree/list,
  * and Plug-ins.


  * GInterface inspection,
  * GEnum/GFlags inspection,
  * Marching ants in widget picking,
  * Widget blinking,
  * Brush-up builtin/plugin/preload module handling,
  * Miscellaneous fix,
  * and Code clean-up.

Easy to Use

  Compile G-Inspector, then just type in your shell console;

    % g-inspector gtk-demo

  No need to recompile the target GTK+ application.


  Some screenshots are at


  gtk+-2.2.0 or higher

  glrr-20050529 or higher (*)
  glrr-widgets-20050529 or higher (*)



  Source files are available for download at:

More Information

  More information is at:


  This software development was supported by
    Information-technorogy Promotion Agency, Japan (IPA).


  This software was developed at Red Hat, Inc.

AOSASA Shigeru

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