ANNOUNCE: Devhelp 0.10

Devhelp 0.10 released
May 08, 2005

Imendio is happy to give you a new version of Devhelp. Devhelp is a
developer tool for browsing API documenation for GNOME.

This release mostly involves bug fixes and minor improvements. Christian
Persch has continued to improve the building against various versions of
Mozilla. Ray Strode fixed a crasher bug which sometimes occured while

Tommi Komulainen submitted a workaround to solve the problem where the
HTML widget stole focus from the search hit list when loaded. Last
Kristof Vansant sent a patch to make Devhelp build against pure GTK+
instead of depending on libgnomeui. This last patch now makes Devhelp
depend on GTK+ 2.6.

* Added third party contributed scripts for generating Devhelp books.
* Mozilla build fixes (Christian Persch)
* Improved Bug Buddy support (Christoffer Olsen)
* Fix to not have the HTML widget steal focus (Tommi Komulainen)
* Ported to GTK+ 2.6 and removed libgnomeui depdendency.
  (Kristof Vansant)
* Window presentation fixes for new Metacity (Richard Hult)
* Fixed crash when searching (Ray Strode)
* Plugged memory leak in the gecko bindings (Paolo Borelli)
* New translations (hu, rw)
* Updated translations (el, en_CA, de, cs, ca, sk, sv, en_GB)

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