ANNOUNCE: Blam 1.8.0

Blam 1.8.0 released
May 09, 2005

It's finally here! Blam with Atom support!

Blam is an RSS reader for the GNOME desktop. Blam features a simple to
use interface that lets you focus on the news items. It's also works
especially well for reading planet feeds where the same items might be
aggregated across several planets.

Thanks to Heath Harrelson Blam finally can read Atom feeds. Everyone who
wanted this, make sure to buy him a beer when you next meet him. In
order to get warmed up for this task Heath also fixed the problem
Livejournal feeds.

Blam 1.8.0 also has some other nice improvements, for example Peter
Rother made the state of maximized window be saved rather than the size
of the window so that you can un-maximize back to your normal size
again. Peter Johanson made Blam work on Mono 1.1.7 and Markus Jonsson
took us one step closer to a pure C# version of Blam by replacing the
tray icon implementation.

Finally I fixed an issue when starting Blam a second time which caused
Blam to crash after a change in Mono. We also has a bunch of updated and
new translations, as you can see below.

New community site
Please also notice that Blam now has a community driven site at the
Imendio Developer Pages, a site run by hackers at Imendio, you can see
it at:

Full list of changes 1.8.0:
* Don't automatically refresh on start (micke)
* Don't save window size if maximized (Peter Rother, micke)
* Replaced C implementation of eggtrayicon with C#
  version (Markus Jonsson)
* Fixed Livejournal feeds (Heath Harrelson)
* Support for Atom, YAY (Heath Harrelson)
* Fixed problem where it didn't update on Mono >= 1.1.7 (Peter Johanson)
* Fixed leak in HTML widget wrapper (micke)
* Changed the menu entry for application menu to be
  Blam Feed Reader (micke)
* Fixed a crash when running blam a second time (micke)
* New translations (it, rw)
* Updated translations
  (de, no, nb, en_CA, cs, en_GB, fi, sq, nl, pt_BR, sv, ca, hu)

If you want to subscribe to just announcement of Blam and other Imendio
projects, please join our announce list:

You can also get our announcements through RSS:

The Blam project page:

  Imendio Hackers

Imendio AB,

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