ANNOUNCE: sidtool v4.0.0 - Software interactive debugger [mostly stable]

To prevent bit-rot and to celebrate the 20th anniversary of it's
first release, in my copious spare time I've been slowly working on a
new version of sidtool, the Software Interactive Debugger.

sidtool is a pacman like game. This is its fourth major release which
now delivers a Gtk+ version of the program. Previous releases were
for SunWindows (1985), Suntools (1987), and XView or Motif (1993).

Although the software has only been tested on a SunBlade 2000 running
Solaris 10 (Gtk v2.6.1), I hope it should "just work" on the various 
flavours of Linux as well. Please let me know if this isn't true.

See the manual pages or the online help for more details of how to
play the game. See the INSTALL file for details on how to build and
install it.

sidtool is based on the Perq Interactive debugger program, written by
Professor Brad A. Myers when he was at PERQ Systems Corporation, back
in the early 1980's. At that time it was written in Pascal for the POS
operating system. Note that there were hardly any colour workstations
around then, and the design and implementation of the program reflect

I would consider this somewhere between alpha and beta quality
(depending upon whose definition of beta you use). There are still
several things listed in the TODO file that will need to be fixed up.
I'm looking for help from Gtk+ programmers in doing this. The things
that need doing are all relatively straight forward; I'm just not
finding the spare cycles to finish this in a timely manner, so if I'm
left to do it along with all my RealWork(TM), it could take quite a




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