ANNOUNCE: Glom 0.8.24

*** Glom

With Glom you can design table definitions and the relationships between 
them, plus arrange the fields on the screen. You can edit and search the 
data in those tables, and specify field values in terms of other fields. 
It's as easy as it should be.

Glom uses the PostgreSQL database backend but it can not edit databases
that it did not create, because it uses only a simple subset of Postgres

Here are some screenshots, with explanations:

Glom is written in C++, with gtkmm, Bakery, and libgdamm. It uses 
Python for calculated fields, with help from pygtk.

More information is at

*** Changes

glom 0.8.24 - changes since 0.8.22:

* Added Developer/Database Preferences menu item, where 
  you can enter global values for the system name, 
  organisation details, and specify next values for 
  auto-incremented fields.
* Show the system name at the top of the window.
* Find mode: Works again.
* Hide scrollbars when they are not needed.
* Details: Use a bigger widget (TextView) with scrollbars 
  for multiline text fields.
* Details and List: Right-align numbers.
* Calculated fields: Do the calculations in the correct 
  order of their dependencies.

Murray Cumming
murrayc murrayc com

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