ANNOUNCE: anjuta-2.0.1 released

Hi all,

We are pleased to announce the release of Anjuta 2.0.1, the second
development release of Anjuta DevStudio 2.x series.

This is an alpha & unstable release and may not be suitable for
production use. However, we encourage to use it and help us with bug
reports. Both stable and development release can be used simultaneously,
but they should be installed in different install prefix (important).

Anjuta is a versatile GNOME IDE for C and C++. Features include
projectmanagement, application wizards, an onboard interactive debugger,
and apowerful source editor with browsing and syntax highlighting.

Home page:

gdl         >= 0.6.0,
gnome-build >= 0.1.2,
devhelp     >= 0.9.0,
autogen     >= 5.6.5,
guile       >= 23.0.0,
libopts     >= 1.6.7,
graphviz    >= 2.2.1,
subversion  >= 1.0.

More details of the dependencies and their downloads are given at the
download page.

Release notes
New: Group and target properties (for automake based projects)
New: Improvements in class heirarchy. Added members view.
New: Tools plugin improvements and scripts as tools.
New: Prepare-ChangeLog tool.
New: Find-Fixmes tool.
New: Project translation status tool.
New: Save and restore editor current line positions.
New: Added configure flags to enable/disable optional plugins.
New: Message saving from menu.
New: Message manager context menu.
New: Remember plugins profile for project sessions.
Mew: Progress bar implementation.
New: Better progress bar in splash.
New: General preferences page.
New: "Add to project" in file wizard and class wizard implemented.
New: glade plugin improvements.
Updated: RPM spec file
Bug fix: Fixed lots of project import bugs.
Bug fix: Group and target removal.
Bug fix: Fixed Message tab position preferece.
Bug fix: Scroll messages on next/previous.
Bug fix: Fixed crash on project Import
Bug fix: Fixed crash on terminal dockings.
Bug fix: Fixed crash on exit (after using save-as dialog once).
Bug fix: Fixed crash on exit.
Bug fix: Fixed mime installation screw-up
Bug fix: Fixed installation paths.
Bug fix: Fixed 64bit arch build problems
Bug fix: Fixed Autoformat/indent problems.
Bug fix: Fixed Keyboard shortcuts for message navigation.
Bug fix: Fixed graphviz build problems.
Bug fix: Start gdb even if the program does not exists. Fixes bug
Bug fix: Fixed default font names and sizes.
Bug fix: Fixed errors in opening zero sized files.
Bug fix: Fixed buttons order in open dialog.

Happy coding! 

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