ANNOUNCE: gnome-build-0.1.2 released

Hi all,

gnome-build version 0.1.2 has been released.

This is the GNOME Build Framework (GBF) used by integrated development
environments such as Anjuta.


Changes in 0.1.2
* Implemented target/group configuration in am project backend.
* Implemented remove target and remove group.
* Take white spaces after trailing backslashes (line continuation) to be
* Added gbf_project_get_all_groups()
* Added group-activated signal.
* Changed gbf_project_util_add_source(), gbf_project_util_new_group(),
  gbf_project_util_new_target() definitions to return the added
  element ids (or NULL)
* Select proper default target/group when prompting for adding
* Do not expand all nodes in selection tree when default selection are
given (eases navigation in big projects).
* Fixed RPM spec file.
* Fixed backends directory path.
* Do not overwrite existing group when new group is added.
* Fixed xml escaping in config values.
* Code clean ups.
* Updated translations: gl, en_CA and sk



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