eggcups 0.19.1


I'd like to announce eggcups 0.19.1, available here:

Eggcups is a number of printing-related things, rolled into one big
happy fun ball.  Primarily though, it keeps track of your print jobs.
See this mailing list thread:

Some other things it does are provide a "gnome-default-printer" command
to pick your preferred printer, and optionally interact with
hal-cups-utils for printer driver selection.

This is the first release with a tarball on  It would be
nice to get this in as an optional module in GNOME 2.12, so testing is

Here's the overview of changes since some arbitrary point in the past (I
or someone should probably should have been updating the ChangeLog to
note versions...)

Overview of Changes in Eggcups 0.19.1

* Port to latest D-BUS and HAL [Ray Strode]
* Change D-BUS namespace to org.freedesktop [Jody Goldberg]
* Kill off lots of cut&paste code in favor of GTK+ stuff [Colin Walters]
* Update cups-dbus.patch from Fedora [Colin Walters]
* Various compilation fixes [Colin Walters]

New or updated translations:

el (Kostas Papadimas)
fr (Christophe Merlet)
rw (Steve Murphy)
pa (Amanpreet Singh Alam)

Random note to CUPS distributors who may be running it as non-root:
You'll probably need to remove the bit in cups-dbus.patch that checks
getuid() to use the session bus.'s an evil hack and should
probably go away anyways :)

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