ANNOUNCE: Open Language Tools

Hey Folks,

I'm pleased to be able to (finally) announce the availability of the
first source code and binaries of the Open Language Tools project.

We're announcing two components today :

* Open Language Tools XLIFF Translation Editor
* Open Language Tools XLIFF Filters

There's more information, screenshots, FAQs and binaries on our project
homepage at :

The aim of the tools is to make the task of translating software and
documentation as easy as possible, and so allow more people to use
computers than ever before. If you can't use a computer because it's
interface isn't translated into your language then we want to provide
tools that can help.

I presented these at both GUADEC and the conferences last
year - it's taken longer than we thought to get these released, so sorry
for the slight delay.

Hope you find the Open Language Tools useful !



ps. Many thanks to the authors for making this release possible!

Tim Foster - Tools Engineer, Software Globalisation
Project Lead, Open Language Tools

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