GARNOME Weekly Builds

GARNOME Weekly Snapshot Builds

After some thought, discussion and much testing of various build systems
i've decided to try something new with GARNOME, in an effort to get as
many interested people in a position to be able to test future GNOME
releases as possible.

In addition to the standard GARNOME release for each upstream release, 
every Thursday (GMT +10) a tarball will be created for
branches of GARNOME -- that people can grab, compile, use and hopefully 
send bugreports, patches, criticisms, feature requests, etc to the list
so that issues can be fixed *before* a release occurs.

Anyone who is actively testing these snapshots, may want to join the 
GARNOME IRC channel (#garnome on irc:// -- hopefully we can
be some real-time bugfixing going on. 

These are snapshot builds, not releases -- especially in the unstable
branch (currently working from 2.11.x), things may not work as advertised,
you may even have trouble compiling all the dependencies in the right order.

Hopefully though, there will be enough people who are taking advantage of
these snapshots to get some solid bug reports upstream and make the best
possible release of GNOME 2.12.0 as we can.

The tarballs are marked as GARNOME-$(majorversion)-$(date).$(time) and can
be downloaded from:


Any questions, ping me on IRC (funkmeister) or join the GARNOME mailing


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