ANNOUNCE Baobab 2.3.0

What is it?

Baobab is a graphical directory-tree analysis tool. It is able to scan
either specific folders (local or remote) or the whole filesystem, in
order to give the user a graphical tree representation including each
directory size or percentage in the branch.  Baobab also includes a
complete file-search functionality and auto-detects in real-time any
changes made to your home directory as far as any mounted/unmounted
device. A graphical treemap window is also provided for any selected

Highlighted Changes for Baobab v.2.3.0

    - Scanning can now start from a symlink too
    - Moved menu in Applications->Accessories

Where can I get it?

Baobab is on gnome cvs.

Source tarball and debian package can be downloaded from
home page:


Fabio Marzocca


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