ANNOUNCE: Nautilus-Sendto 0.5


* What it is ?

This application provide integration between nautilus , evolution ,
gaim and gnome-bluetooth

* New Features
        * Fix (I think so) the nautilus-sendto crash. Thanks Peter Johanson. [Bug 317081]
        * Fix bluetooth bug in nautilus sendto plugin [Bug 324278]
        * Now nautilus sendto compile evolution plugin if evolution is available
        * Force the dependencies to gnome2.13-14
        * Fix crash if no plugins [Bug 321063] .Thanks Alex Larsson
        * Many translations !! THANKS ALL NAUTILUS-SENDTO TRANSLATORS !!!

* Features
      * Nautilus context menu component ("Send To...") .
      * A dialog for insert the email acount or IM account which you
        want to send the file/files .
              * Contact with evolution-data-server and get the email
                accounts .
              * Contact with gaim (nautilus gaim plugin) and get the IM
	      * Send to bluetooth devices detected from gnome-bluetooth
              * You can send files packaged in varios formats

* Download

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