gnome-themes-extras 0.9.0

You didn't expect it, but here is a new release of the
gnome-themes-extras package updated for latest GNOME releases.

gnome-themes-extras is a package with SVG-based themes to enhance your
desktop experience. This release seems big updates to Nuvola and some
minor changes to most of the other themes.

Updated screen-shots and descriptions at the g-t-e homepage:

You can download g-t-e 0.9.0 :

Special thanks goes to Josselin Mouette for his contributed volume
graphics for the panel volume applet.

Also a big thanks to the translators who have added Nepali, Finish, UK
English, Galician, Bulgarian, Kinyarwanda and Russian translations to
this release.

As usual please report bugs or submit new icons for the themes to GNOME
bugzilla under the gnome-themes-extras product.


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