GStreamer 0.10 is here!!

One and a half year. A large number of developers contributing. High
expectations and a lot of pressure. The wait is over, GStreamer 0.10 has
arrived! GStreamer 0.10 is a huge step forward for GNU/Linux and Unix
multimedia. Power, stability, functionality, deployment, industry
support, GStreamer 0.10 has it all. Prepare yourself for the revolution!

GStreamer is the leading multimedia framework for GNU/Linux and Unix
systems and is being used in a wide range of applications such as music
and video players, streaming servers, video editors, sound editors and
software synthesizers.

GStreamer is a generic multimedia framework based around the concept of
media pipelines linking elements, providing support for all manner of
things. In GStreamer you'll find plug-ins supporting multimedia file
formats, firewire and usb cameras, sound cards, Windowing systems,
transcoding, networking, audio and video transformations and much more.

GStreamer has been ported to and runs on GNU/Linux, Microsoft Windows
and Unix systems such as Sun Solaris and MacOS X.

Read our full release announcement available here:

There are also technical release notes for all the modules available at
these locations:

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