ANNOUNCE: Imendio Blam 1.4.0

Blam 1.4.0 released
Sep 08, 2004

Imendio is very happy to announce Blam 1.4.0

Blam is an RSS reader for the GNOME desktop. Blam features a simple to
use interface that lets you focus on the news items. It's also works
especially well for reading planet feeds where the same items might be
aggregated across several planets.

This release features automated periodic updates of the news feeds as
well as a notification when unread items exists. A couple of sorting
bugs has been fixed and support for marking all entries in a channel as
read has been added.

Full list of changes 1.4.0:

    * Added support for auto refresh.
    * Added notification icon when there are unread items.
    * Fixed a couple of sorting issues in the channel and item lists.
    * Added possibility to mark an entire channel as read.
    * Cleaned up the main window UI a bit.
    * Fixed threading issue.
    * Added 'n' for next unread.
    * Updated translations (es, de, cs, pt_BR, en_CA, en_GB, nl, sv)
    * Added translations (eu)

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