ANNOUNCE: Imendio Blam 1.6.0

Blam 1.6.0 released
Oct 23, 2004

Imendio is very happy to announce Blam 1.6.0

Blam is an RSS reader for the GNOME desktop. Blam features a simple to use interface that lets you focus on the news items. It's also works especially well for reading planet feeds where the same items might be aggregated across several planets.

This release features a major change in that the HTML widget has been replaced with Mozilla. This makes the rendering a lot quicker and more accurate, it also solves a number of issues people where having with lockups during image fetching.

Changing to Mozilla has led to a number of regressions though. One is the ability to print an entry, not sure how useful this was but it would require a lot of work to add and won't be added back unless there is a great amount of requests for it. The other is the spinner that I've temporarily disabled.

A number of other minor fixes has been added to improve the overall impression of using Blam to read news entries. See the list below for all changes to this release.

Full list of changes 1.6.0:

  * Fixed main window title
  * Works with Mono 1.1 (Peter Johanson, Todd Berman)
  * Fixed number of unread items when channel is removed
  * Store/Restore window position (Johan Hammar)
  * Scroll to first unread item or to the last item if no entires are
  * Use Gecko for rendering.
  * Crasher fix if all channels where removed
  * Handle Liferia OPML feeds. Great when migrating.
  * New translations (bg, fi, nb)
  * Updated translations
    (sv, es, de, ca, no, en_GB, nl, pt_BR, en_CA, cs, eu)

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