Announcement: GNOME Schedule 0.1.0 released!

        gnome-schedule 0.1.0

Gnome-schedule 0.1.0 has been released!
- Description -
People often use crontab and at for the purpose of scheduling tasks.
GNOME Schedule is a tool which aids the configuration of these two systems. 

Among the normal settings for a crontab or at-record, it's also possible
to define a title and an icon per record.

GNOME Schedule will translate the time expressions into human readable
formats. It will generate a preview of the task.

In advanced mode, GNOME Schedule will display the records in a
recognisable format: the format of an undressed crontab-record.

GNOME Schedule uses Python, GConf and PyGTK.

Check out the screenshot:

- Notes -
This release is a BETA release and we hope to get sorted out as many
bugs as possible before the main release, there will be no new
features added. But we are very intersted in your comments or
proposals. You can send them to
gnome-schedule-users lists sourceforge net .
Or post them at the sourceforge site:

You can submit bugs to.

For a complete feature list goto:

- Download -
You can check out the sources through anonymous CVS at, check out this readme:

There should be tarballs available at soon.

- Authors -
Gaute Hope <eg AT gaute DOT eu DOT org>
Philip Van Hoof <spam AT freax DOT org>
Kristof Vansant <de_lupus AT pandora DOT be>

- Homepage -

Gaute Hope
email: eg gaute eu org
msn: gaute hope tc

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