GHex 2.8.0

The "What are the Odds?" Release

This time we're skipping the odd minor version number since no
instability could ever be introduced into such a rock-stable application
as the above metioned binary editor.

Do not let the coincidental match of the version with the version of the
recently-released Gnome desktop & developer platform, GHex is on a
release schedule completely of its own and 2.8.0 will also build with
2.6.x or 2.4.x version of Gnome libraries.

First, foremost and most obvious change is use of the GtkHex widget in
Find(&Replace) dialogs for editing data that should be search for or
replaced - now you can type some ascii text that you wish to find and
replace spaces in it with the NULL-terminator - cool, isn't it? How come
I did not think of this earlier?

A rather large amount of bugs has been squashed since 2.6.1, the
preferences dialog's "Help" button now works, entry fields in dialogs
are checked for sanity more strictly, handling of URIs when doing
drag'n'drop has been fixed and the UI has been polished a bit. Most of
this has been the work of Subrahmanyam Madduri - give him a big hand,

The GtkHex widget API has been immensely improved.

I have also been good enough to remove a bunch of unneeded remnants from
the previous six years of on-and-off work on GHex. The code is much
cleaner now.

Now, it's five minutes for all those weird languages and the folks
working tirelessly so that you may use your latest GHex in Kinyarwanda:
we have updated en_CA (Adam), en_GB (David), cs (Miloslav), sq
(Laurent), id (Mohammad), fi (Tommi), hu (Lazslo), es (Francisco Javier
F.), nl (Tino), pt_BR (Raphael) and ja (Takeshi).

As usual, available at

Have fun,


email: jaka gnu org

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