Epiphany Extensions 1.1.0


* What is it ?

Epiphany Extensions is a collection of extensions for Epiphany, the
GNOME web browser.

Epiphany Extensions 1.1.0 is a development release for the development
series of Epiphany, starting with version 1.3.0.

* What's new ? 

Epiphany Extensions 1.1.0

Code changes

        * Adapt to Epiphany API changes (Christian)
        * Portability fix for FreeBSD (Christian, taken from FreeBSD ports)
        * Adapt to mozilla API changes (Christian, Adam)
        * Refactored link checker (Adam)
        * Use public epiphany API to get at the statusbar security icon (Christian)

Bug fixes

        * Build fixes (Christian, Adam)
        * Mem leak fix (Christian)
        * Fix link checker stuck busy cursor (Adam)
        * Fix handling of invalid encodings (Adam)
        * Fix stupid bug, connect to the right signal on tab-remove (Christian)


        * Xavier Conde Rueda (ca)
        * Miloslav Trmac (cs)
        * Adam Weinberger (en_CA)
        * Francesco Marletta (it)
        * Žygimantas Beručka  (lt)
        * Reinout van Schouwen (nl)
        * GNOME PL Team (pl)
        * Duarte Loreto (pt)
        * Dmitry G. Mastrukov (ru)
        * Christian Rose (sv)
        * Yuriy Syrota (uk)
        * Pablo Saratxaga (wa)
        * Liu Songhe (zh_CN)

* Where can I get it ? 

Source code:

Epiphany Extensions 1.1.0 requires Epiphany 1.3.0 or above:


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