Epiphany 1.3.0


* What is it ?

Epiphany is the GNOME web browser, based on the mozilla
rendering engine. It aims to be simple and easy to use.


Epiphany 1.3.0 is a development release in the unstable series leading
up to GNOME 2.8.

* What's changed ?

Epiphany 1.3.0

Removed features

        * Dropped support for mozilla < 1.6 (Christian)
        * Removed nautilus view (Christian)

Interface improvements

        * Fix duplicate accesskey, use correct case for button text and make
          message selectable in the confirm-close dialogue (Piers)
        * Use verb for action button and various minor tidy ups on the import
          dialogue (Piers)
        * Add "Save Link As..." to Image/Link popup (Christian) [#138207]
        * Remove "Open Image in New [Tab|Window]" from the context menu
        * Remove extraneous separators in context menus (Christian) [#115897]
        * Use right capitalisation for fonts lang label in prefs (Piers)
        * Make buttons the same size in Industrial theme and make text 
          selectable in history confirm-clear dialogue (Piers)
        * Make prefs, pdm and print setup dialogues transient to their parent
          and destroy with parent (Christian) [#139124]
        * Make warning message selectable in content handler dialogue (Piers)
        * Sort the actions in the location entry autocompletion dropdown 
          (Christian) [#139575]
        * Add Ctrl+S as an alternate accel for "Save As" (Piers) [#139415]
        * Add "Downloads" folder shortcut to our file chooser dialogues 
        * HIGified confirm-overwrite dialogue (Patanjali Somayaji, Piers) 
        * Make Escape cancel overwrite dialog (Piers)
        * Add some filters to the file chooser dialogues (Christian) [#139418]
        * Jump to new tabs created from command lines (Christian) [#141168]
        * Fix accelerator for OpenImage action (Christian)
        * Statusbar re-design: Move lock icon to left; hide progress bar when
          no activity (Christian) [#137845]
        * Simplify context menu wrt. frames (Christian) [#138442]
        * Open bookmark in new tab on middle-click (Christian) [#106250]

Code changes

        * Made sure every file includes config.h (Christian)
        * Use more efficient mozilla string conversion routines (Christian)
        * Adapt to various mozilla API changes (Marco, Christian, Xan, Piers)
        * Improve chrome handling (Marco)
        * Cleanup after making EphyTab a GtkBin (Christian)
        * Some API cleanups (Adam)
        * Some comment cleanups (Adam)
        * Register stock icons (Christian)
        * Added/improved some debug output (Christian)
        * Get rid of #if GTK_CHECK_VERSION() stuff and remove optionmenu code
          in the Gtk NSS dialogues (Christian)
        * Synchronise editable toolbar changes from galeon, this fixes simple
          usage, stops crashes when dragging items to and from other
          applications, and adds the ability to override the toolbar style
          (Crispin Flowerday)
        * Track the active window with focus events (Christian)
        * Eliminate ExternalProtocolHandlers in favor of setting prefs to make
          Mozilla not handle the protocols internally (Christian Biesinger)
        * Add defines for private mozilla api usage to make it easier to track
          what we need to port to embed string and what we need to be using only
          public api (Marco)
        * Make the statusbar's GtkTooltips publicly accessibly (Christian)
        * Clean up encoding handling (Christian)
        * Allow compilation without mozilla wallet extension (Christian)
        * Some fixes for compilation with gcc 2.95 (Christian)
        * Backport changed from the new gtkcellrendererprogress which
          was based on ephy's, to support RTL and fix overflow bug (Christian)
        * Various solaris portability fixes (Brian Cameron, Christian)

Bug fixes

        * Remove unnecessary g_object_notify()s (Marco)
        * Fix test for toolbar removability (Christian)
        * Don't crash when draggin a toolbar separator around (Christian)
        * Make location entry not have a proxy menu item (Christian)
        * Make select-by-key support unsorted lists (Xan) [#137054]
        * Don't unref NULL icons (Christian) [#137715]
        * Fix content policy contract-ID (Christian)
        * Set window border icon on the about dialogue (Christian) [#137806]
        * Fix width of "Add" button in PDM dialogue with some themes
          (Christian) [#137811]
        * Fix XBEL mime type for import (Marco)
        * Fixes to API documentation build (Adam, Christian)
        * Make the "Go" button actually work (Christian)
        * Fix arg type of dom_* signals to match the closure (Christian)
        * Use stock icon for "Open" on content handler dialogue 
          (Christian) [#135765]
        * Use stock icon for "Download" on content handler dialogue (Christian)
        * Fix proxy tool item disconnection on location entry (Christian)
        * Fix opening of bookmarks in new tabs when there is no existing window
          (Christian) [#138343]
        * Fix context menu on anchors without href attribute (Christian) [#138200]
        * Make startup script work on older solarises (Christian) [#138088]
        * Fix filechooser response codes (Federico Mena Quintero) [#138263]
        * Fix compilation with -fdata-sections (Christian) [#136878]
        * Don't allow a font size less than 1 (Piers)
        * Fix bookmarks toolbar visibility in fullscreen and print preview mode
          as well as for javascript popups (Christian) [#138520]
        * Fix link drag-and-drop to empty space on notebook (Christian) [#138902]
        * Don't abort on gconf errors, just display a message on console
          (Christian) [#139247]
        * Make ephy-node refcount initialize to 1 and not 0 (Adam)
        * Fix various filename encoding bugs (Christian)
        * Don't quit the filechooser when selecting "No" from the confirm-
          overwrite dialoge (Christian) [#139400]
        * Set the action's accel_path, fixes crash when dynamically assigning
          accels (Christian) [#139641]
        * Fix saving of linked content. Don't create the directory; mozilla
          will do it for us if necessary (Christian)
        * Make the "Files" suffix translatable (Christian)
        * Removed the ge_popup_blocked signal on EphyEmbed (Adam)
        * Do not uncompress when the type is not html (Marco) [#131778]
        * Fix chrome for new windows opened from _blank target (Marco) [#139512]
        * Fix font selection combo box issues (Christian) [#138560]
        * Fix encoding of saved content (Marco) [#141050]
        * Exit print preview mode before closing a window; fixes a crash
          (Christian) [galeon #121298]
        * Fix crash when trying to get URL from unrealizes EphyEmbed (Marco)
        * Fix some mem and refcount leaks (Christian)
        * Always pass the cache key to the persist object so we don't re-fetch
          the page on save (Christian) [#141652]
        * Forward download nsIAuthPrompt interface to the single sign-on prompt
        * Destroy the EphyBrowser in destroy handler, but delete it only on
          finalize. Make public EphyBrowser methods safe for calling after
          Destroy (Christian) [#142184]
        * Fix LD_LIBRARY_PATH in startup script never to (implicitly) include
          current dir (Christian) [#141576]
        * Fix observer topic check for cookie "cleared" notification (Christian)
        * Fix capitalisation in filechoose filter names (Christian)
        * Emit the "tab_removed" signal also for the window's last tab
          (Christian) [#142078]
        * Fix stupid bug which prevented compilation with gcc 3.4 (Christian)
        * Elimiate indeterminate progress (Christian) [#142303, #142305]
        * Fix toolbar editor drag icon theming bug (Crispin Flowerday)
        * Fix reload not to use forced reload by default (C. J. N. Breame) [#143365]


        * xml docs validity fixes (Piers)
        * xml docs validity fixes (Sebastian Heinlein) [#140918]
        * Improve description of 'secure' cookies (Piers) [#136443]
        * API documentation (Adam)
        * Maintenance of 1.4 plan (Piers, Marco)
        * Update screenshots (Piers)
        * Updated Smart Bookmarks help content (Matthew Gatto) [#139616]
        * Minor updates to match UI (Piers)

Documentation translations

        * Hizkuntza Politikarako Sailburuordetza (eu)


        * عرفات المديني، تونس (ar)
        * Владимир Петков (bg)
        * Xavier Conde Rueda (ca)
        * Miloslav Trmač (cs)
        * Ole Laursen (da)
        * Alexander Winston (en_CA)
        * Gareth Owen (en_GB)
        * Iñaki Larrañaga Murgoitio (eu)
        * Francisco Javier F. Serrador (es)
        * Alastair McKinstry (ga)
        * નીરવ, અંકિત, અંકુર, અતિત, ભાવિન, કાર્તિક, ખુશ્બુ, શ્વેતા (gu)
        * Dvornik László (hu)
        * helgi (is)
        * Žygimantas Beručka (lt)
        * Åsmund Skjæveland" (nn)
        * ਅਮਨਪ੍ੀਤ ਸਿੰਘ ਅਾਲਮ (pa)
        * Duarte Loreto (pt)
        * Дмитрий Мастрюков (ru)
        * Marcel Telka (sk)
        * Laurent Dhima (sq)
        * Ma SivaKumar (ta)
        * อิสริยะ ไพรีพ่ายฤทธิ์ (th)
        * Pablo Saratxaga (wa)
        * Liu Songhe (zh_CN)

* Where can I get it ?

Source code:
with MD5 sum bb4368021bc8cf631fce44284bcfa93e.

Epiphany 1.3.0 requires mozilla 1.6, 1.7 branch or trunk. It has been
confirmed to work with mozilla 1.7rc1 and 1.7rc2, and should work with
1.7 once released.

The recommended version is Mozilla 1.6:

More about dependencies and installation tips:



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