ANNOUNCE: gnome-games 2.5.5

It's that time again: gnome-games "The Ends of Invention" 2.5.5

You can find it at the usual place:

This is the feature-freeze release. This should be what 2.6 looks like
minus the bugs.

The major features of this release are:

Aisleriot: Statistics finally work. You saw the UI with the last
release, now you can find out just how many games you've played and
how often you loose.

Glines: Better versions of the SVG Balls theme from Richard
Hoelscher. Also clicking quickly does the expected thing now.

Gnome-stones: The major crash-on-startup bug that I completely
mis-diagnosed in 2.3.x has now been fixed. Really, truly,
definitely. I'm sure of it this time.

Gnomine: SVG graphics (also by Richard Hoelscher) and better rendering
of those same graphics.

Mahjongg: New layouts from Rexford Newbould and Krzysztof Foltman. Be
warned that your choice of layout will be reset to Easy, but since you
will be wanting to try out the new levels it shouldn't matter :).

Plus the usual long list of translations from the dedicated people in
the translation team.

 - Callum

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