ANNOUNCE: GNOME Desktop Themes 2.5.3


GNOME Desktop Themes 2.5.3


A set of desktop themes for GNOME, including the GNOME 2.5 default theme
("Simple"), and many designed for users with low or limited vision.


- New/updated translations:

2004.01.09  Arafat Medini <lumina silverpen de>
        * ar.po: Added Arabic translation

2004-01-04  Duarte Loreto <happyguy_pt hotmail com>
       * pt.po: Revised Portuguese translation.

2004-01-02  Alessio Frusciante  <algol firenze linux it>
       * it.po: Updated Italian translation by
       Luca Ferretti <elle uca infinito it>


- Add cursor-color and cursor-aspect-ratio properties to a11y themes for
EelEditableLabel, so that the cursor color changes according to the theme
selected. Fixes bug #130565 (Narayana Pattipati).


GNOME Software Map entry

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