GHex 2.6.0

"Get Your Filthy Hands Off My Desert"

As usually, slightly behind other Gnome stuff, but, never mind, it was a
worthy wait, considering that it is the world's greatest binary editor
we are talking about, bringing you the following improvements over the
2.4 series:
  - a type conversion dialog, that shows the data under the cursor in a
    variety of different formats (David Hammerton),
  - an advanced find dialog that allows for simultaneous highlighting of
    multiple search strings (David Hammerton),
  - overall move to Gtk+ 2.4,
  - progress dialogs for lengthy operations such as export to HTML and
  - updated documentation (Ms. Breda McColgan),
  - many bugfixes, beside my humble self, Muktha, Vijaykumar, Kaushal, 
    Shakti and Kaveri, all of Wipro, have been helping with bug    
    reports and patches,
  - Andras (hu), Duarte (pt), Kjartan (no), Xavier Conde (ca),
    Takeshi(ja), Alastair (ga), Cristophe (fr), Robert (hr),
    Raphael(pt_BR), Pablo (wa), Gareth (en_GB), Miloslav (cs),
    Tino (nl) and Christian (sv) have updated their translations.

available at

have fun,


email: jaka gnu org

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