ANNOUNCE: gcompris 4.2


gcompris 4.2


GCompris is a full featured education game for kids between 3 and 10. 
The game includes many different activities like teaching how to use a
mouse and keybord, memory games, vector drawing, basic educational games,
reading, algebra exerciser and more.

- Added a new drawing activity where the kid must redo a given image. It 
  supports computer checkings and tells where the errors are.
- Now esd no more used by default as the sound output but the default 
  libao output. this maybe changed using gcompris -A or editing 
  /etc/libao.conf. Use 'gcompris -A list' to list all possible audio

- Draw activity fixed raise/lower button
- In the menu, sound icons are red if sound init failed
- Patch from PUYDT Julien to fix the random cursor color
- in geography activity, the map is moved on the right for better looking
- added a default locale entry in the configure menu. This is the selected

  on by default now. Thanks to the debian team for their support.


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