GNOME Desktop 2.4.1 "Better late than never"

As most of you have realized we did a silent 2.4.1 release some time
back. I just wanted to get the release notes out so that we have some
clue as to what changed between 2.4.0 and 2.4.1. It probably makes it
easier to see what is new for the next release too :-)

This is a quick collection of fixes, the gory details are in the
respective modules' ChangeLogs.

Kjartan Maraas


ATK (1.4.0 -> 1.4.1)

* Add translations: Lithuanian [Gedminas Paulauskas],
Norwegian [(nynorsk [Åsmund Skjæveland]
* Update translations: German [Christian Neumair],
Romanian [Misu Moldovan]
* Add description of signals to the documentation [Padraig O'Briain]
* Fix bug which caused building of rpms to fail [Scott Kennedy]

AT-SPI (1.3.7 -> 1.3.8)

- Fix bugzilla bug #120991 (bottom panel widgets unknown to braille and
speech (Padraig))

Added and updated translations:

Basque: Iñaki Larrañaga Murgoitio
Lithuanian: Tomas Kuliavas
Norwegian (nynorsk): Åsmund Skjæveland
Ukrainian: Taras Boychuk


bug-buddy (2.4.0 -> 2.4.1)

- Fix a crash when debugging a program not in the path. Fix #115147
(Vincent Untz)


eel (2.4.0 -> 2.4.1)

Major changes since 2.4.0 were:
* Fix accessibiliyt crashes in foocanvas
* Translation updates

EOG (2.4.0 -> 2.4.1)

* General:
  - Better filename -> UTF-8 translation - #122671, #117838 (Jens,
    Hidetoshi Tajima)
  - configure switch to disable libexif support
  - Added X-GNOME-DocPath to .desktop file
* Collection:
  - Fixed crash on shutdown
  - Fixed crash when libexif is not available
  - Fixed duplicate size entries in info view
  - Update image infos on modification
* Translation Updates:
  Pablo Saratxaga (wa), Gustavo Maciel Dias Vieira (pt_BR),
  Žygimantas Beručka (lt), toivo linux ee (et)

Epiphany (1.0 -> 1.0.5)

Epiphany 1.0.5
        * Fixes for printing dialogue when shown from mozilla
        * Don't show a failure dialogue when cancelling the print
          shown from mozilla (Christian)
        * Initialise the print dialogue also when shown from mozilla
        * Always show the print dialogue when printing from mozilla
        * Only allow printing the selection when there really is one
        * ca (Jordi Mas)
        * ga (David O'Callaghan)
        * hi (रविशंकर श्रीवास्तव)
        * sk (Marcel Telka)
        * sv (Christian Rose)
Epiphany 1.0.4
        * Grab focus to the search entry when showing bookmarks editor
          (Ettore Perazzoli, Marco)
      * Fix intermittent nautilus view activation failure (Mark
      * Fix autocompletion window popping up unexpectedly (Marco)
        * kn (ಪ್ರಮೋದ್.ಆರ್)
        * pt_BR (Gustavo Noronha Silva)
Epiphany 1.0.3
                                                                                        * Add support for mozilla 1.5 final (Kristian Rietveld)
                                                                                * Translated to Ukrainian by Максим Дзюманенко
        * it (Francesco Marletta)
        * uk (Максим Дзюманенко)
Epiphany 1.0.2
        * Don't show session resume dialogue in server mode (Christian)
        * Fix http accept language header when running in C locale
        * hu (Tímár András)
        * sr, sr Latn (Danilo Šegan)
Epiphany 1.0.1
        * Add support for mozilla 1.4.1 (Marco)
        * Add support for mozilla 1.6a (Xan)
        * Fix XBEL (Galeon/Konqueror) bookmarks importer (Christian)
        * Use the translated names for the default bookmarks and topics
          when creating them (Christian)
        * Set MOZ_PLUGIN_PATH in the startup script (Christopher James
        * Remove the autocompletion window timeout also when the window
	is still not visible (Marco)
        * Add supported protocols to epiphany.application (Marco)
        * Fix peristence of directory selection (Christian)
        * Initialise completion visibility flag (Maroc)
        * Fix check for return value of xmlSaveFileFormat (Christian)
        * Specify UTF-8 encoding for the keyword: url (Christian)
        * Check for NULL return of gtk_get_current_event (Christian)
        * Fix session saving crash when run in --server mode (Christian)
        * Stop download when cancelling the unknown mime type dialogue
        * Follow tabs pref on double click in the history window (Marco)
        * Fix compile warning on Solaris (Marco)
        * Fix loading of bookmarks and toolbar files when they are
	corrupted (Christian)
        * Don't pass NULL to gnome_vfs_expand_initial_tilde (Marco,
        * el (Νίκος Χαρωνιτάκης)
        * et (Priit Laes)
        * fr (Eric Seigne)
        * hu (Tímár András)
        * lt (Žygimantas Beručk)
        * pt_BR (Evandro Fernandes Giovanini, Augusta Marques da Silva)
        * sk (Marcel Telka)
        * sv (Christian Rose)


file-roller ( ->


Basque: Eneko Lacunza
Czech: Miroslav Trmac
Dutch: Michiel Sikkes, Vincent van Adrighem
Estonian: Priit Laes
Hungarian: Andras Timar
Italian: Roberto Rosselli Del Turco, Luca Ferretti
Kannada: Pramod
Lithuanian: Zygimantas Berucka
Norwegian (nynorsk): Åsmund Skjæveland
Tamil: Dinesh

- Convert time string to UTF-8 (Christophe Fergeau) bug #124637
- Extraction of file from a zipped archive don't work with drag&drop,
bug #122807 (Paolo)


GAIL (2.4.0 -> 2.4.1)

Overview of Changes in GAIL 1.4.1
* Set role for accessible object for GtkMessageDialog to ATK_ROLE_ALERT
(bug #122551)
                                                                                * Apply build fixes for Darwin (bug #1243343) [Jerry Talkington]
                                                                                * Correct text length reported in text-changed signals emitted when
label changes (bug #123696)
                                                                                * Avoid emitting focus notification for out-of-process GtkSocket (bug #120991)
                                                                                * Fix documentation build (bug #123876) [Malcolm Tredennick]
                                                                                * Report children of menu item correctly when menu item has a submenu
whose menu items are created only when menu is shown (bug #120303)
                                                                                * Report label change only if toplevel window is showing. (bug #123470)


gcalctool (4.3.3 -> 4.3.16)

* Fixed bug 124377. Fixed rounding errors when the radix character for a
  locale isn't ".".
* Online help updated for various recent (small) changes.

* Fixed bug 124172. The "+" character on a German keyboard is on the
lower level of a key (i.e. the Shift key doesn't need to be down). Added
another mask/keysym pair to the "+" entry to handle this.

* Fixed bug 120737. Changed the accessible text for the OR button from
  "Logical OR" to "logical OR" so that it's not changed by FreeTTS's

* Fixed bug #123948. Removed the GTK_DISABLE_DEPRECATED flag from
  .../gcalctool/gcalctool/, to allow the depreciated
  GtkItemFactory, to successfully build.

* Fixed bug 123724. Hitting Esc now does the same as hitting
  Control-Backspace; i.e. the CE (clear entry) functionality.
* Updated the gcalctool man pages to reflect this change, and the
changes for bug #118826.

* Refixed bug 122373. gcalctool now uses nl_langinfo() to get the
numeric point for the users locale, rather than via a localised string.

* Fixed enhancement #65806. Changed that label for e^x (e superscript x)
to use an italised "e".

* Fixed bug 118826. The keyboard shortcuts for the six hex. digits are
  now "A" to "F". The functions that previously used those letters have
  been reassigned to their lowercase equivalents.

* Fixed bug 122408. The tooltips for the numeric buttons (0-9) have been
  removed as they are redundant.

* Fixed bug 120749. When gcalctool is displaying a menu, typing Alt+Tab
  can no longer switch windows.

* Fixed bug 120745 (
  Accessible names have now been added to each of the widgets in the
  mode panel when in Scientific mode.

* Fixed bug 122373. The decimal separator is now a translatable string
so that other locales that don't use a period can adjust accordingly.

* Fixed bug 120605. Gcalctool debug messages are no longer translatable


GDM stuff:
- Brown paper security bag: ~/.Xauthority could be left readable
  after logout
- gecos info (face browser user name) didn't get through if non-utf8
  (Frederic Crozat) (fixes mandrake #5309)
- Translation updates (another brown paper bag, these went in over
  the last month) (Kjartan Maraas, Andras Timar, Danilo Segan,
  Ales Nyakhaychyk, Asmund Skjaeveland, Gustavo Maciel Dias Vieira,
  Augusta Marques da Silva, Richard Allen) stuff:
- SECURITY: Fixed CAN-2003-0793, a local DoS, the socket connection
  is now non-blocking and limitted to the number of commands
- SECURITY: Fixed CAN-2003-0794, a local DoS, the line length is limited
to 4096 bytes (note, this was not a buffer overrun).
  (Thanks to Jarno Gassenbauer for pointing out the above two problems)

- Avoid possible DoS by using "-audit 0" for the X server command line
                                                                                - When cookies are in the fallback dir touch them every
  12 hours to avoid tmpwatch from removing them
                                                                                - Add config key NeverPlaceCookiesOnNFS to allow
  cookie files on NFS or similar filesystems
                                                                                - Graphical greeter now graphically complains if it can't
  load a theme rather then plainly failing.
                                                                                - Go shell quoting crazy (fixes among others rh #105858,
  but none of the issues were actually security problems,
  "annoying" on really weird configs at most)
                                                                                - Some more anality with touching user owned files
                                                                                - Fixed the graphical greeter line breaking to not upset
  pango and generally work with marked up strings
                                                                                - Fix an underlining bug in the graphical greeter when the underlined letter is the last letter. (discussed in rh #106189)
                                                                                - Minor other fixes (among others #123958, #124680)
                                                                                - The graphical greeter now wraps text correctly (and
  all text).  Plus you can insert \n in the welcome text
  now too (it worked for gdmlogin before) Fixes #123017
                                                                                - The entry type in the graphical greeter listens to
  font and color from the normal state (it only has
  the normal state) (Anton Altaparmakov, me)
                                                                                - Tweak fontsizes in the default themes to be smaller.  For
  some reason they very suddenly very huge.
                                                                                - Further memory savings in the graphical greeter (though
  it may be offset by the new wrapping code which is quite
  large :)
                                                                                - Another security audit, but no new security holes found,
  on the other hand lots of code changed to being
  super-anal (which is never bad in something running as
                                                                                - Lots of random fixes again
                                                                                - Fix the session setup to be both back-compatible and
  fully KDM (kde 3.2) compatible, among others:
  - SessionDesktopDir is now a path
  - Change 'Default' to 'default'
  - Honour TryExec correctly
  - Other then 'default', the gnome and CDE sessions are
    now installed in /usr/share/xsessions (if prefix==/usr)
                                                                                - Support SELinux
                                                                                - Fix the 'switchdesk' mode and mention 'switchdesk'
  only if it's actually installed (rh #104287)
                                                                                - Use the a11y modules for the chooser as well as the
  error dialogs
                                                                                - Lots of dwellmouselistener and keymouselistener a11y
  modules fixing, as in they actually work now,
  among other fixes are #122944, #122658, #122616
                                                                                - Default gestures for gok (David Bolter, me)
                                                                                - Lots of small fixes
                                                                                - Error dialogs are now crashing theme/module tolerant
                                                                                - Load ~/.face.icon for kde 3.2 interoperability
                                                                                - Clean up the random stuff again a bit (we get more entropy
  for less work, yay!)
                                                                                - Documentation updates
                                                                                - Translation updates (Alessio Frusciante, Francesco Marletta,
  Changwoo Ryu)
                                                                                - Update the manual a bit

- Some internal cleanup
                                                                                - Be ultra anal with creating the user protocol socket
                                                                                - Don't fall back to 'nobody' if the gdm user is not found
  (that is a horrible behaviour)
                                                                                - Support and write KDM style .dmrc (KDM will use this in
  the next version).  Still KDM will use /etc/X11/sessions,
  and we're using /etc/X11/dm/Sessions, oh well, life can't
  be perfect, next time ...
                                                                                - Translation updates (Andras Timar, Pablo Saratxaga, Vincent van Adrighem, Guntupalli Karunakar, Pablo Gonzalo del Campo, Francisco Javier F. Serrador, Mugurel Tudor, Misu Moldovan, KAMAGASAKO Masatoshi, Gustavo Noronha Silva, Hasbullah Bin Pit, Christian Neumair)


gedit (2.4.0 -> 2.4.1)

* shell_output/shell_output.c (handle_command_output):
on some systems EOF is indicating by G_IO_IN and a
zero-length read, and not by G_IO_HUP (fixes bug #121377,
thanks to Laurent Vivier <Laurent Vivier bull net>)
                                                                                * shell_output/shell_output.c (handle_command_output):
handle the 'pos' return value from g_io_channel_read_line()
correctly (fixes bug #124052, patch by
Owen Taylor <otaylor redhat com>)

* time/time.c (help_button_pressed):
Pass correct section-id for displaying help.
Fixes bug #123007. (Leena Gunda)

* Translation updates


ggv ( ->

* Fix zoom to fit (Jaka)


gnome-applets (2.4.0 -> 2.4.1)

* Fix the stock ticker since the upstream format changed.


gnome-desktop (2.4.0 ->

        * Make the localte keystring matching with the desktop entry
          specification by not removing the modifier from the
          localestring before matching (Danilo Segan)
        * Mark a missing string for translation (Hidetoshi Tajima)
        * Fix build issue with install location of icons (George)
        * Use GRandom instead of srandom() and random() (George)

        Alessio Frusciante (it)
        Andras Timar (hu)
        Åsmund Skjæveland (nn, no)
        Francisco Javier F. Serrador (es)
        Francis Tyers (br)
        Gil 'Dolfin' Osher (he)
        Görkem Çetin (tr)
        Jitendra Shah (mr)
        Priit Laes (et)
        Yuriy Syrota (uk)
        Žygimantas Beručka (lt)


gnome-games (2.4.0 ->

gnome-games "Out Damned Spot"
A minor release to make sure that gnome-games doesn't break when using
GTK+ 2.3.
gnome-games "Only Slightly Bent" 2.4.1
Since 2.4.0 was so perfect we've had to release another version. There
have been several translation updates and some bugs fixed. The
most user-visible change is that gnotravex doesn't crash when asked to
give a hint.




        * main.c: Patch from Kjartan Maraas to fix bug #123662
        about some compiler warnings.
        * cddb-slave-capplet.c:  Removing a signal connection
        to an object that wasn't created.  Signal was being
        attached twice.  Bug # 123390.  Reported and fixed
        by Pav Lucistnik.


        * callbacks.c: Applying patch with bug 123301 that is about the
        next and previous buttons not working appropriately when the
        player is at the end or beginning of a CD.  Patch was written
        by Vijaykumar Patwari.
        * display.c, gnome-cd.c: If the GNOME searching programs can't
        find the graphics (usually if GNOME-CD is in a different
	directory than the rest of the GNOME stuff) then the compiler 	define
is used.


        * src/gsr-window.c: Fix for bug 123937 to make the
	gnome-recorder have a time status so that people know it's 	recording. 
Patch contributed by Balamurali Viswanathan.


gnome-panel (2.4.0 -> 2.4.1)

        * Avoid ever scaling up icons when there is a bigger one
	available (Owen Taylor)
        * Do not auto hide a panel with open drawers (Arvind)
        * Delete launcher editing dialog when the panel is deleted
        * Do not focus the panel itself when there is an applet to focus
        * Fix warnings with newer gcc (Kjartan)
        * Fix i18n issue with startup notification from the menus
	(Christian Neumair)
        * Show the localized comment from launchers in the run dialog
	(Vincent Untz)
        * Query before deleting a non-empty drawer (Arvind)
        * Fix loading of icons specified by relative paths (Bala, Mark)
        * Fix off-by-one error when computing struts (Rob Adams)
        * Fix serious issue with launchers not working on drawers
        * Don't create new launchers whose TryExec fails (Arvind)
        * Initialize gettext in gnome-desktop-item-edit (Hidetoshi
        * Don't try running an invalid date/time config tool (Vincent
        * Fix compiler warnings with the notification area (Kjartan)
        * Set accessible name/description on the Show Desktop Button and
          the Window Meenu (Padraig)
        * Make the "No Windows Open" menu item go away in the Window
          when a window is opened (Vincent Untz)
        Andras Timar (hu)
        Changwoo Ryu (ko)
        Dafydd Harries (cy)
        Evandro Fernandes Giovanini (pt_BR)
        Funda Wang (zh_CN)
        Gnome PL Team (pl)
        Görkem Çetin (tr)
        Luca Ferretti (it)
        Miloslav Trmac (cs)
        Mişu Moldovan (ro)
        Pablo Saratxaga (wa)
        Tino Meinen (nl)
        Vaidotas Zemlys (lt)
        Yuriy Syrota (uk)
        Данило Шеган (sr)


gnome-session (2.4.0 -> 2.4.1)

        Åsmund Skjæveland (nn)
        Evandro Fernandes Giovanini (pt_BR)
        Žygimantas Beručka (lt)


gnome-themes (2.4.0 -> 2.4.1)

* Applied patch from Guillame Melquiond, fixes #123005. Invalid borders
specified for theme pixmap: Grand-Canyon/gtk-2.0/in.png

* Fix inverted checkbox states (#109208, patch
  from guillaume melquiond ens-lyon fr)


gnome-utils (2.4.0 -> 2.4.1)

GNOME Utilities 2.4.1
GNOME Dictionary
        * Fix a leak (Kjartan)
GNOME Search Tool
        * Fix a bunch of leaks (Kjartan)
        * Support drag and drop with button 2 (Dennis)
        * Fix portability issue on AIX (Dennis)
        * 'Date modified after (days)' as '0' is not listing all files.
          (Shakti Sen)
        * Improve icon (Dennis)
        * Fix for localized filenames not being shown properly
        * Miloslav (cs), Nikos (el), Andras (hu), Artur (pl), Guntupalli
	(hi), Kjartan (no)


gnome-vfs (2.4.0 -> 2.4.1)

        * Bugs fixed
                + Allow to create symlinks to huge files on
                  nearly full file systems (James M. Cape)
                + Fix compilation on HP/UX
        * Translations
                + he (Gil "Dolfin" Osher), it (Luca Ferretti),
                  lv (Peteris Krisjanis), mr (Jitendra Shah),
                  nl (Vincent van Adrighem), pt_BR (Augusta Marques da
		  Silva), ro (Misu Moldovan), ta (Dinesh)


gnopernicus (0.7.0 -> 0.7.1)

Changes in 0.7.1
    * Brltty driver: unbound keys no longer send unpredictible values
    * Brltty driver: input commands are now passed on to BRLTTY until a
    way is found
    * Fixed distribution issues (related to brltty's driver-files).
    * Added checking for existence of translation tables.
    * Report selected object for window, workspace switch.
    * az (Mətin Əmirov), da (Ole Laursen), fr (Julien PUYDT),
      ja (KAMAGASAKO Masatoshi), ko (Changwoo Ryu), sr (Данило Шеган),
      zh_CN (Liu Songhe)


GOK (0.8.1 -> 0.8.4)

What's new in GOK 0.8.4
                                                                                                  This is the official GNOME 2.4.1 GOK release.
* added a word-completion test to the test suite.
* critical bug fixes: #123497, #123405.
* other bug fixes: #120305.
What's new in GOK 0.8.3
* bug fixes

gpdf (0.110 -> 0.111)

Version 0.111
* Printing. (Remi, Martin)
* No %20 etc. in window title. (Remi) - #123638
* Dialog HIGgification. (Christian Neumair)
* HP-UX gcc 3.3 build fix. (Martin, thanks to Matias (Nauta) Vidal)
   - #121730
* Translation updates: Sayamindu Dasgupta (bn), Christian Rose (sv),
  Artur Flinta (pl), Laurent Dhima (sq), Changwoo Ryu (ko), Duarte
  Loreto (pt), Dafydd Harries (cy), Stanislav Visnovsky (sk), Andras
  Timar (hu), Christian Neumair (de), Tino Meinen (nl), Jordi Mallach
  (ca), Miloslav Trmac (cs), Metin Amiroff (az), Kjartan Maraas (no),
  Ales Nyakhaychyk (be), Aasmund Skjaeveland (nn), Asier Arsuaga (eu),
  Guntupalli Karunakar (hi), Maxim V. Dziumanenko (uk), Liu Songhe
  (zh_CN), Danilo Segan (sr), Zygimantas Berucka (lt)


For Gstreamer updates please see the 0.6.4 release notes at


gtksourceview (0.6.0 -> 0.7.0)

News in 0.7.0
* A bunch of small bugfixes
* Replaced deprecated calls for glib 2.3
* Multiline backward search works now
* <keyword-item> patterns are now limited to 250 elements (more cause
  trouble with GNU regex)


libbonobo (2.4.0 -> 2.4.2) (Highlights)

        * bonobo-activation/bonobo-activation-activate.c
        (bonobo_activation_init_activation_env): add XAUTHORITY
        to the list of uniqueness keys - causing grief for
        many: #124707
        * bonobo/bonobo-context.c (bonobo_context_shutdown): check
        that people didn't shut down the ORB before we got called.
        * bonobo/bonobo-item-handler.c:
        (bonobo_item_handler_finalize): don't leak the get_object
        closure - we only freed it if the enum_object closure
        wasn't NULL. Nailed down using valgrind info from Kjartan.


libbonoboui (2.4.0 -> 2.4.1)

2003-09-15  Martin Kretzschmar  <m_kretzschmar gmx net>
        * bonobo/bonobo-ui-sync-menu.c (impl_bonobo_ui_sync_menu_build)
        (impl_bonobo_ui_sync_menu_build_placeholder): use
        gtk_separator_menu_item_new to create separators, fixes #122314
        ( screen reader menu item count) (Michael gave the hint).


libgnomeprint (2.3.1 -> 2.4.1)

libgnomeprint 2.4.1
Back port a pile of fixage from HEAD.
        * make gnumeric work correctly with cups via gnome-print.
        * handle fonts with spaces in postscript export
        * Apply patch (by bland mail ru) to improve performance
          exporting large images.
        * Work around unreliable cupsGetDefault
        * Load cups ppd files on demand only.
        * Protect against libcups changing the locale
        * Implement a better fallback than first font.
        * Fix some leaks
        * Fix locating the lpr command.
Owen Taylor:
        * Use Sans Regular rather than Helvetica as fallback
Jean Brefort:
        * Fix clipping
J.H.M. Dassen (Ray):
        * Fix build errors with freetype2 2.1.7.


libgnomeprintui (2.3.1 -> 2.4.1)

- robustness fixes, leak fixes, etc


libgtkhtml2 (2.4.0 -> 2.4.1)

Overview of Changes in gtkhtml2 2.4.1
* Fix crasher bug after using debug->properties dialog in testgtkhtml
(bug #121301)
* Fix crashewr bug in balsa (bug #121434)
* Add check that variable is not NULL before dereferencing it [Sven
* Correct inconsistencies in atk_object_get_index_in_parent for children
of tables (bug #123450)
* Replace gettimeofday with g_get_current_time to allow build on
(bug #123704)
* Fix crasher bug in balsa when UTF-8 characters encountered (bug
* Fix crasher bug when dom-test is run (bug #121300)


libxslt (1.0.32 -> 1.0.33)

1.0.33: Sep 12 2003:
   This is a bugfix only release   - error message missing argument
(William Brack)
   - mode not cascaded in template fallbacks (William Brack)
   - catch redefinition of parameter/variables  (William Brack)
   - multiple keys with same namespace name (William Brack)
   - patch for compilation using MingW on Windows (Mikhail Grushinskiy)
   - header export macros for Windows (Igor Zlatkovic)
   - cdata-section-elements handling of namespaced names
   - compilation without libxml2 XPointer support (Mark Vadoc)
   - apply-templates crash (William Brack)
   - bug with imported templates (William Brack)
   - imported attribute-sets merging bug (DocBook) (William Brack)


Metacity (2.6.1 -> 2.6.3)
Thanks to Rob Adams for contributions to this release.
 - fix to right, left, bottom onscreen resize constraints
 - detect case where we fail to get a pointer grab when the mouse
   is clicked, to avoid "this window is stuck to my mouse!"
 - keep panels at the end of the focus MRU list so we don't
   focus them all the time in annoying ways
Thanks to Yukihiro Nakai, Rached Ben Mustapha, Gwenole Beauchesne,
Padraig O'Briain, Laurent Vivier, Rob Adams for contributions to this
 - fix to repaint after resize always, so on maximize
   and theme changes we get things drawn properly
 - fix a compile issue on HPUX
 - fix translations of metacity-message output
 - fix to update window icons when they change
 - put a limit on number of characters displayed in
   window titles during Alt+tab
 - fix configure check for Xrandr
 - fix 64-bit bug in property reading that broke
   things badly on 64-bit
 - don't move focus when clicking close button on a window
 - fix a crash in getting pixmap icons
 - spawn dialogs and child processes on the proper
   screen in multihead situations
 - if the focus gets set to None, set it back to
   something sane
 - load accessibility modules and set accessibility roles
 - fix hang after displaying warning dialogs
 - fix a memory corruption when sticking/unsticking windows
   that lead to a frequent crash and windows appearing
   in Alt+tab improperly
 - fix some handling of partial-width panel struts
 - more translations
 - rebuild with fixed glib-gettext.m4


Nautilus (2.4.0 -> 2.4.1)

Major changes since 2.4.0 are:
* Handle cd volume names where the data track is not first
* Fix list view crash bug
* Fix shutdown crash bug
* Fix crash on unsupported URIs
* Don't show eraser in background browser
* Fix crash on going back when a view failed
* Don't show anything in views before all files are loaded.
* Make the desktop snap grid smaller vertically
* Fix accessibility crashers
* Double click on rows in tree sidebar expands rows
* portability and build fixes


ORBit2 (2.8.1 -> 2.8.2)

- Improve entropy generation (George)
- Locking and refcount improvements (Michael)
- Leak and infinite loop fixes (Alex)
- Spec conformance fixes (Olivier Andrieu)


Yelp (2.4.0 -> 2.4.1)

Changes in 2.4.1:
* Updated translations:
  mr    (Jitendra Shah)
  lt    (Tomas Kuliavas)
  pt_BR (Augusta Marques da Silva)
  vi    (Pablo Saratxaga)
  ro    (Mugurel Tudor)

Kjartan Maraas <kmaraas broadpark no>

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