ANNOUNCE: Bakery 1.3.9

Bakery is a C++ Framework for creating document-based GNOME applications using 
gtkmm and/or gnomemm. Bakery 1.3.x is for gtkmm2.

- Bakery provides a Document/View architecture,
  but it doesn't force you to use the whole architecture.
- Bakery can use XML as a document storage format.
- Bakery provides default functionality,
  which can be easily customized.
- Bakery makes it easy to start developing gtkmm/GNOME applications.
- Bakery gives your application structure.
- Bakery provide useful utility classes.

Documentation and downloads are available at


* "Save Changes?" dialog:
  - Don't ignore the user's choice.
  - Don't remember a previous Cancel.
  (Matthew Tuck)
* Fixed segfault when saving unsaved changes when closing.
  (Murray Cumming)
* Fixed gettext includes problem in examples on some platforms.
  (Matthew Tuck)

Murray Cumming
murrayc usa net

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