ANNOUNCE: Conglomerate 0.7.7

Conglomerate 0.7.7 - "Who Frobnicates the Frobnicators?"

Conglomerate is a free, user-friendly XML editor. It is particularly
aimed at DocBook, but should be able to handle any XML document type.

Numerous bugs have been fixed in this release, together with some visual
improvements. However, Conglomerate is still UNSTABLE, and not yet ready
for heavy-duty production use. I used it to write these release notes in
DocBook without having to resort to Emacs, and had a single crash during
a half-hour editing period. Notable remaining problems are lack of
speed, inability to deal with external entities, and crashes when
nesting certain elements inside certain other elements.

Please test the new code as we work towards stabilising things towards a
0.8.0 release. You can download it frmo the usual place:

      * Experimental GUI code to use the new GTK File Choser dialog
        (currently needs manually enabling) (Me)
      * Big rewrite of display specifications for document types.
        Support for localising XML element names and descriptions, using
        the xml:lang attribute and intltool; numerous other improvements
      * Ignore unnecessary whitespace text nodes in main editor view -
        Fix for bug #123367 by Anders Petersson giving a big visual
        enhancement ; fixed cursor movement to skip over them (me)
      * Updated translations - ca (Jordi Mallach), de (Christian
        Neumair), es (Francisco Javier F. Serrador), nl (Jeroen van der
        Vegt), pt (Duarte Loreto)

      * Fix for bug 123065 (open using empty window instead of whole new
        window) (Robert Varga)
      * Portability improvements (Duraid Madina, Pav Lucistnik)
      * Get strings from immodule as UTF8, notify immodule of focus
        in/out (bug 125993) (Yukihiro Nakai)
      * Fixed unref of NULL uri (bug #126231) (Paul Smith)
      * Various GUI sensitivity fixes (Paul Smith)
      * Rewrie of intenals of text normalisation to supoprt Pango
        attributes in preparation for proper support of
        strings from GTK input methods (me) 
      * Fixed loading from GnomeVFS with a relative path (Robert Varga)
      * Fix for bug #127026 (crash when using cut from popup menu) (me)
      * Changed CTRL+SHIFT+S to Save As instead of Save a Copy (Michael
      * Force span tag to be wide enough to accommodate its title.
        Center contents. (Boris Goldowsky)

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