ANNOUNCE: gnome-mlview 0.6.2

MlView 0.6.2 release notes

What is MlView ? MlView is a generic XML editor for GNOME. It provides a
tree oriented XML editing view and supports edition with or without DTD
based validation.


      Updated translations. 

            de (Christian Neumair)

            cs (Miloslav Trmac)

            sr,sr latn (Danilo Egan)

            nl (Vincent van Adrighem)

      Added read only support for DOCTYPE and entities declaration nodes
(Dodji Seketeli)

      Several HIGifications (Paolo Borelli)

      Experimental support of XSLT (Stephane Bonhomme)

      "raw xml" tree editor nodes colors configurable via gconf (Nicolas

      Cleanup of the settings management machinery (Dodji Seketeli)


      Better escaping of predefined entities when dealing with pango (Dodji
Seketeli, Nicolas Centa)

      Fixed several crashers (Dodji Seketeli)

      Fixed a lot of crashers (Nicolas Centa, me)

      closed bugzilla bugs: #127697,#127678,#127720,#127704,#128228



      MlView binaries are packaged and distributed for the major linux
distributions. If you package mlview binaries, please send a mail to
mlview-list gnome org so that we setup a page of known mlview binary
downloads links.

mailing list. mlview-list gnome org

Home Page.


Gnome Softwaremap entry.

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