GNOME System Tools 0.30.0 "Dedicated to Chema Celorio" have been released

The GNOME System Tools are a set of cross-platform configuration
utilities for Linux and other Unix systems. Internally they are divided
in frontends and backends. The frontend knows nothing about the
underlying system and provides the same user interface across the
different types of systems. The backend knows how to read and write the
configuration information. The GNOME System Tools do not impose a new
database on the system: they work with the default configuration files
so that configuration can still be done by hand or by other tools.

Changes since last release

  - added GDK_WATCH cursor when the tool is frozen (Carlos Garnacho)
  - string and UI fixes (Carlos Garnacho)

  - Added user feedback when the tool is detecting the modem device
(Carlos Garnacho)
  - Made it to save the DNS list when saving a profile (Carlos Garnacho)

  - silented warnings (Carlos Garnacho)

  - fixed a possible crasher (Carlos Garnacho)

  - removed the "profiles" button from the main dialog (Carlos Garnacho)

  ... plus other lots of bugfixing

  - Azerbaijani (Metin Amiroff)
  - Czech (Miloslav Trmac)
  - Danish (Ole Laursen)
  - Dutch (Vincent van Adrighem)
  - French (Jean-Michel Ardantz)
  - Greek (Kostas Papadimas)
  - Malay (Hasbullah Bin Pit)
  - Portuguese (Duarte Loreto)
  - Serbian (Danilo Ĺ egan)
  - Spanish (Francisco Javier F. Serrador)
  - Swedish (Christian Rose)

You can get it from :

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