Epiphany 1.1.1


* What is it ?

Epiphany is a GNOME web browser based on the mozilla
rendering engine. It aims to be simple and easy to use.


* What's changed ?

Epiphany 1.1.1

Code changes

	* Adapt to mozilla API changes (Marco, Xan, Christian)
	* Sync gtk+ NSS dialogues from galeon (Marco)
	* Embed commands interface for clipboard commands (Marco)
	* Re-sync egg-editable-toolbar with gtk+ toolbar api changes (Marco)
	* New file chooser wrapper class (Christian)
	* Re-sync nautilus view with nautilus api changes (Marco)
	* Cleanup of EphyWrapper to use higher-level mozilla api (Marco)
	* Initialize EphyWrapper on realize (Marco)
	* Instantiate an about:blank automatically (Marco)
	* Show filechooser from header sniffer (Marco, Christian)
	* Use content document dom to determine is_framed (Marco)
	* Sync egg-editable-toolbar api with gtk+ toolbar api (Soren Sandmann)
	* Use gnome-vfs helpers to launch apps, drop our own helpers (Marco)
	* Only save history db if it's changed (Christian)
	* Implement new downloading from ContentHandler (Xan)
	* Use stock gcclosure-marshals where they exist (Christian)
	* Implement commands state api (Marco)
	* Rework ContentHandler to use auto_open of downloads (Xan)
	* Resync eel-gconf-extensions from eel (Marco)
	* Migrate old font settings (Marco)
	* Get rid of gresult type (Christian)
	* Remove unused function from ephy-gui (Marco)
	* Use glib gi18n header instead of bonobo/libgnome one (Marc, Christian)
	* Don't cache the dom document since it changes for every load (Marco)
	* List of safe mime types, and script to update it (Marco)
	* Use list of safe mime types to determine if we auto-open (Marco)
	* Use gtk icon theme instead of gnome icon theme (Marco)
	* Better ephy completion model (Marco)
	* Port ephy node db saving and bookmarks RDF export to new libxml
	  xmlWriter api (Christian)
	* Remove some unneeded prototypes (Marco)
	* Cleanup session, also persist bme and history window (Marco)
	* Re-use gtkmozembed signals (Marco)
	* Hack to make tooltips on toolbar items work (Marco)
	* New extensions API (Christian)
	* Port session to new extensions api (Christian)
	* Reworked automation/activation (Marco)
	* Enable deprecations and -Werror only in maintainer mode (Marco)
	* Move gnome session code in the shell (Marco)
	* Port to changed gtk+ combo box api (Marco)
	* gtk-doc support (Marco)
	* handle_content signal on EphyEmbedSingle for external downloader
	  support (Marco)
	* Refactor embed single apis into new EphyCookieManager,
	  EphyPasswordManager and EphyPermissionManager interfaces (Christian)
	* Implement arbitrary_url lockdown pref (Marco, Christopher Lahey)
	* Don't build external protocol handlers with mozilla 1.6, it has
	  its own (Marco)
	* Merge exthandler/content implementation (Marco)
	* Refactored PDM dialogue implementation (Christian)
	* Lockdown: disable loading from unsafe protocols (Christian)
	* Port zoom control to new GtkComboBox (Christian)
	* Show time remaining in download tray icon tooltip (Marco)
	* Lockdown: disable chrome changes from js (Marco, Christopher Lahey)
	* Port EphyDialog and all users to new GtkComboBox (Christian)
	* Remove GtkOptionMenu support from EphyDialog (Christian)
	* Re-enable deprecation when in maintainer mode (Marco)
	* Port GtkNSSClientAuthDialogs to new GtkComboBox (Christian)
	* Remove some unused includes (Marco, Christian)
New features

	* Persist zoom setting per host (Christian)
	* Undo/Redo in forms (Dave, Marco)
	* Gtk+ NSS Auth Dialogues (Crispin Flowerday, from galeon)
	* Tray icon support for downloader (Marco)
	* Beginnings of lockdown mode (Marco, Christian, Christopher Lahey)

Interface improvements

	* Improved downloader interface (Marco, Xan)
	* Move the spinner in its own mini-toolbar (Marco)
	* New hand cursor adapted from eog (Dave)
	* Use hand cursor in toolbar editor (Marco)
	* Made encodings dialogue auto-apply (Christian)
	* Don't pollute statusbar with the "done" mesage (Dave)
	* Auto-close downloader when no more items
	  left (Xan)
	* Use new gtk+ file chooser (Christian)
	* Better sorting of encoding autodetectors (Christian)
	* Implement smart selection in downloader view (Xan)
	* Smoother toolbar drag highlighting (Soren Sandmann)
	* Update commands sensitivity in menus (Marco)
	* Implement UI for download folder (Xan)
	* Make prefs and PDM dialogues global (Christian)
	* Improved cookie properties dialogue (Piers Cornwell)
	* Split print into print setup and print (Christian)


	* Remove invalid items from toolbars on load (Marco)
	* Don't hide a separator item while dragging it (Marco)
	* Fix delete event handling for downloader (Xan)
	* Add missing default prefs for some language groups (Christian)
	* Fix default prefs file for new mozilla parser changes (Christian)
	* Remember upload path (Christian)
	* Fix bookmarks import dialogue button duplication (Christian)
	* Convert filenames to/from utf-8 before using them (Christian)
	* Fix spinner refcounting (Christian)
	* Fix fullscreen toolbar visibility (Marco)
	* Force encoding on changes, so we can go back to automatic (Christian)
	* Build nautilus server only when view is enabled (Marco)
	* Fix leak of liststores from combo boxes (Marco)
	* Fix dnd data provided by drag handle (Marco)
	* Fix toolbar drag type creation (Marco)
	* Don't require parent window for filechooser (Marco)
	* Fix toolbar highlighting (Marco)
	* Set sensible cursor hotspot in toolbar editor (Marco)
	* Fix filechooser directory persistence (Christian)
	* Unset silent mode after printing (Christian)
	* Don't unref print dialogue twice when shown from mozila (Christian)
	* Fix return value from print dialogue so mozilla won't show erroneous
	  error dialogue (Christian)
	* EphyDialog needs to be initialised when run, too (Christian)
	* Use signal accumulators for boolean-return signals (Christian)
	* Do not try to set sensitivity "Paste" menu items, the wait api
	  cause bad crashes (Marco)
	* Only allow printing the selection if there really is one (Christian)
	* Use show() when run()ning an EphyDialog (Christian)
	* Fix completion model crash on deleting a bookmark (Marco)
	* Fix ephy location entry finalisation (Christian)
	* Fix bookmarks editor crash from gtk clipboard wait api (Marco)
	* Fix history db saving not to save "All" node (Marco)
	* Don't unref the icon theme, we don't own it (Christian)
	* Unlink session file when all windows are closed (Marco)
	* Fix conversion on saving, fixes view-source (Marco)
	* Fix recovery from corrupt toolbar layout file (Christian)
	* Fix completion model column use (Marco)
	* Import gtk NSS dialogues glade file from galeon, too (Christian)
	* Build XUL dialogues with a gtkmozembed in a gtkwindow (Marco)
	* Fix warning when showing the encodings dialogue (Christian)
	* Link up toolbar editor help (Christian)
	* Fix some typos (Marco)
	* Unref on timeout when in server mode (Marco)
	* Expand cmd line args (Marco)
	* Nautilus view refcounting bug fix (Marco)
	* Fix crash when starting with --bookmarks-editor, correctly instantiate
	  a session (Marco)
	* Don't re-fetch POST pages for show-source (Marco)
	* Make encodings dialogue transient (Christian)
	* Remove unused enum values (Christian)
	* Mark EphyFooPriv structs as private for gtk-doc (Christian)
	* Don't assert, return instead in impl_go_up (Marco)
	* Fix context menu leak (Marco)
	* Make session saving low disk safe (Marco)
	* Fix "Download Link" context menu item text (Marco)
	* Use stock icons where provided (Marco)
	* Only set autoproxy url if non-empty (Christian)
	* User ephy filechooser in download folder picker (Xan)
	* Fix RDF export to export 100% instead of only 50% of bookmarks
	* Fix cookie manager signal marshaller type (Christian)
	* Restore copy and paste menu items on form fields (Marco)
	* Live updates of cookies list in PDM dialogue (Christian)
	* Don't blindly overwrite files when downloading (Xan)
	* Fix some mem leaks (Christian)
	* Fix ephy_embed_get_location() on an unrealized widget (Marco)
	* Monitor /system/http_proxy for proxy changes (Christian)
	* Set pref widget sensitivity from gconf key writeablility (Christian)
	* Fix strftime(3) usage (Christian)
	* Fix GtkExpander state persistence in NSS dialogue (Christian)
	* Remove duplicate signal from EphyEmbed (Christian)


	* Documentation neatening, organisation (Piers Cornwell)
	* Some new sections documented (Piers Cornwell)
	* Some docs fixes (Dave)
	* Beginnings of API documentation (Marco, Christian)
	* Document preferences and downloader (Piers Cornwell)
	* Document security and certificates section (Piers Cornwell)	

	* Christian Neumair (de)
	* Christian Rose (sv)
	* Danilo Segan (sr)
	* Francisco Javier F. Serrador (es)
	* Gustavo Noronha Silva (pt_BR)
	* Hasbullah Bin Pit (ms)
	* KAMAGASAKO Masatoshi (ja)
	* Kostas Papadimas (el)
	* Marcel Telka (sk)
	* Mətin Əmirov(az)
	* Miloslav Trmac (cs)
	* Ole Laursen (da)
	* Paul Duffy (ga)
	* Vincent van Adrighem (nl)  

* Where can I get it ?

Source code:

Epiphany 1.1.1 requires mozilla 1.4, 1.5, mozilla cvs.
The suggested version is Mozilla 1.5:

More about dependencies and installation tips:



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