ANNOUNCE: Gnometab gnometab 0.7.4


Gnometab 0.7.4


A WYSIWYG guitar tablature editor for GNOME


    *  A default pointer tool has been added. Now it is only possible to
select, move, or delete tab objects with the pointer tool, making it easier
to modify the layout without inadvertently creating new tab objects.

    * Menu accelerators have been added for all tools.

    * Gnometab now maintains a "Recent Files" list in the
"File" menu.

    * The chord builder has been slightly over-hauled, and chord builder
objects now have a right-click popup menu, consistent with regular tab

    * Gnometab-0.7.4 has been ported to libgnomeprint-2.2, and now uses
fontconfig for both screen and print fonts. Libgnomeprint-2.2 is included
in GNOME-2.2. Users of GNOME-2.0 should stick with version 0.7.3. This is
the only difference between versions 0.7.3 and 0.7.4. Thanks to Joachim
Breitner for the port.

    * Other enhancements and bugfixes; see the ChangeLog for details.


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