ANNOUNCE: gtkmm 2.0.0

*** gtkmm2

gtkmm provides a C++ interface to GTK+. gtkmm2 wraps GTK+ 2.

After just over a year of intense coding, testing, and documenting, the 
gtkmm2 API is now binary frozen. As well as including all of the 
improvements in GTK+ 2, gtkmm2 offers an improved, simplified, and more complete
API in comparison to gtkmm 1.2. If you like C++ then we think you'll like it, and
we think it's a reason to like C++.

*** Credits

gtkmm2 is this good only because of the effort and care of these developers.
Without any one of these people, gtkmm2 would be noticeably less wonderful 
than it is.

Karl Nelson
  (initial code, mythical figure, exception-handling, others)
Murray Cumming
  (workhorse, cheerleader, organiser, blame-taker)
Daniel Elstner
  (merciless refactorer, standards expert,
   solver of unsolvable problems, loser of sleep)
Martin Schulze (Atk, Pango, Gdk API review and completion. Much more)
Gergo Erdi (Pango API review, ProgressBar. Much more)
Michael v. Szombathely (SUN Forte compiler support, test cases)
Cedric Gustin (Win32 support)
Andreas Holzmann (Menu API. Much more)
Michael Babcock (pack_start)
Bassoukos Tassos (exceptions, glibmm)
Bradley Bell
Patrick Crosby
Jarek Dukat (constness, gcc 3.x support)
Liam Girdwood
Michael Koziarski
Ole Laursen
Elke Meier
Marcelo E. Magallo
Andrew E Makeev
Mike McEwan
Christian Meyer (documentation)
Paolo Pinto (documentation)
Morten Brix Pedersen
Christof Petig (Menu fixes)
Stephan Puchegger (glibmm)
Alain Rouge
Daniel Sundberg
Naofumi Yasufuku (Win32 support)
Matthew Walton (TreeView demos)

James Henstridge (Python defs generation and docs extraction)
Havoc Pennington (for writing an easily-wrappable GtkTextBuffer API)
Valgrind (lifetime/memory fixes):

And all the bug reporters and testers.

*** Changes

The CHANGES file describes some of the more significant differences 
compared to gtkmm 1.2:

*** Changes since gtkmm 1.3.26:


* gcc now builds even with -Werror warnings. (Daniel Elstner)
* Various low-level cleanups/improvements· (Daniel Elstner)
* SUN-specific workarounds removed now that SUN fixed their
  compiler (Michael v. Szombathely)

API Changes:
* Gtk::Box::pack_start() and pack_end():
  removed default argument values for the bool, bool overloads,
  to improve type-safety of the more useful PackOptions overload.
  (Daniel Elstner)
* Gtk::Menu_Helpers::StockMenuElems can be used to create 
  submenus. (Christof Pettig)
* Gtk::AspectFrame: Added a constructor that uses AlignmentEnum.
  (Murray Cumming)
* Some minor Pango API corrections (Daniel Elstner)
* Glib::ustring::clear(): Added. (Daniel Elstner)
* Glib::Ascii::tolower() and Glib::Ascii::toupper() added.
  (Daniel Elstner)

* Book:
    Updated almost all widget-specific sections.
    Used links to reference docs and to example source code.
    Added screenshots.
* FAQ: Updated and converted to DocBook XML.
* examples: Rewrote many examples - see examples/book/
  (Murray Cumming)
* Glib::ustring non-standard methods documented.
  (Daniel Elstner)

*** Download

You will need libsigc++ 1.2, available here:

*** Development 

There is ongoing discussion on the mailing list:
and in the #c++ channel on  

Murray Cumming
murrayc usa net

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