Announce: SynCE 0.3.1

November 18, 2002, The Internet

SynCE version 0.3.1 has been released!

The purpose of the SynCE project is to provide a means of communication
with a Windows CE or Pocket PC device from a computer running Linux,
*BSD or other unices.

SynCE 0.3.1 is now uploaded to SourceForge:

For more information, please visit the SynCE web site:

New in SynCE 0.3.1:

  o Removed the password length limit that was added in 0.3 :-)

  o Maybe fixed the time/date bug in pls

New in SynCE 0.3:

  o SynCE tray icon for GNOME 2 (synce-trayicon module)
    (If anyone wants to make some fancier graphics, they're very welcome! :-)

  o Dccm is the new name for the former dccmd application

  o Dccm does not show password in process list

  o Dccm is now capable of running scripts when dccm is started or stopped, or when device is connected or disconnected
    (Just put a script or a symlink in ~/.synce/scripts/ and it will be called with "start", "stop", "connect", and "disconnect" as parameters)
    The synce-trayicon program uses this.

  o CeRegQueryValueEx() implemented in librapi2

  o Synce-serial RPM package is now "noarch".

  o Probably some things I've forgotten

               -\- David Eriksson -/-

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