Guikachu 1.3.2 "Habos kakaó": GNOME Resource editor for PalmOS projects

Dear users of both large and small computing tools,

As a special birthday present to myself, a new development release of
Guikachu is available.
About Guikachu
Guikachu is a GNOME application for graphical editing of resource
files for PalmOS-based pocket computers. The user interface is
modelled after Glade, the GNOME UI builder.

Catch it all from

 * Uses GNOME-VFS, you can load files from anywhere, e.g. from the
   Web, from an SMB share, from a tarball.
 * Exporting to PilRC .rcp files
 * Support for non-Palm PilRC targets (like the eBookMan)
 * Support for the following PalmOS resource types:
	- String and string list resources
	- Dialog resources
	- Menu resources
	- Form resources
	- Per-application resources (e.g. version number)
 * WYSIWYG Form Editor, with drag & drop capability and visual resizing
 * Flexible, complete undo support
 * Sample file with sample GNU PalmOS SDK-based application
 * Documentation (a complete user's manual)

About these releases
This release is part of the 1.3 development branch, so it's all about
crazy experimentations and not about providing a polished, well-tested
product -- so don't quite replace your 1.2 Guikachu just yet.

New features and improvements:
	* Undo/redo support for every action. Change the
	  /apps/guikachu/Interface/undo_size GConf key to manually
	  tune the size of the undo stack
	* Display '*' in title bar of the main window when current
	  file has changed (Christopher)
	* Removed DIALOG window manager flag from windows (fixes

Guikachu uses GTKmm and GNOMEmm for its user interface. I/O is
implemented via GNOME-VFS, the XML storage format is managed with the
libxml package. Dialog windows are loaded via libglade. GConf is used
to store user preferences. You will need the versions of these
packages available in the GNOME 1.4 bundle (with the exception of
GNOMEmm which you will need to upgrade to version 1.2.0).
To actually create the PalmOS resource files, you will also need PilRC
(part of the GNU PalmOS SDK) to compile the .rpc files produced by

Beware of bugémons!


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