Wed Nov 13 Rubén López
	* Now when picking in the screen, the selection in the GTK tree also

Sun Nov 10 Rubén López
	* Fixed a bug with the mouse selection, now the selection is
	  correctly shown independently of the previous selected node.
	* Updated to ShapeDrawable and PrimitiveSet
	* Updated galician and spanish translation

Tue Nov 05 Rubén López
	* Enhaced mouse selection, now uses similar code than osgGLUT::Viewer
          to pick up objects. Seems to work great.

Mon Nov 04 Rubén López
	* Added mouse selection support!!! It still doesn't work perfectly,
          but in most cases it does.

Sun Nov 03 Rubén López
	* Implemented support for 4 osg Shapes: sphere, box, cylinder and
	* Changed icons of the shapes to have similar color than others.
        * Added center-selection tool that centers the camera on the

Sat Nov 02 Rubén López
	* Added icons for the new osg Shapes :D Still to implement

Tue Oct 29 Rubén López
	* Now the selection is shown with both filled polygons and wireframe
          (thanks to osgscribe example).
	* Fixed bug that crashed the app when exiting

Mon Oct 28 Rubén López
	* Fixed bug when panning, ported to new osg::Geometry API

Wed Oct 23 Rubén López
	* Ported to gcc 3.2 (fixed problems with localization and some
          missing std:: namespaces)

Tue Oct 22 Rubén López
	* Support for osg 0.9.1cvs LOD min-max ranges
	* Ported to osg 0.9.1cvs new API methods

Thu Oct 03 Rubén López
	* Added Anisotropy level to texture editor
	* Added a checkbox to the light source for "directional light"

Wed Oct 02 Rubén López
	* Now user can select between orthogonal and perspective view.

Thu Sep 26 Rubén López
	* Added axis to selected object, to know its center and in the
          future support moving/scaling only in one of the axis.

Tue Sep 24 Rubén López
	* Increased orbitation speed.

Sun Sep 22 Rubén López
	* Semi-fixed a bug when trying to use materials/textures without
	  selected node. Pending to fix completely, the window sill appear.
	* Now for loaded models the file path is taken into account to show
	  the texture images.

Mon Sep 16 Rubén López
	* Implemented Save as, and made Save work as expected, saving to the
	  last filename opened or saved.

Sun Sep 15 Rubén López
	* Rotations didn't used the parents node transform, now do
	* Resolved a bug when deleting nodes that are repeated in the same
	* Now user can move the camera with the new orbit button

Fri Sep 13 Rubén López ** 0.2.2 release **
	* Finished the selection support
	* Now transformations applied to children are corrected taking into
          account transformations that will be applied later by parents

Sat Aug 31 Rubén López
	* Ported to OSG 0.9.1 (changed osg::Texture to osg::Texture2D)

Sat Aug 24 Rubén López
	* Now can specify a model to load in commandline.

Thu Aug 22 Rubén López
	* Added support for editing textures (only image and mapping
          attributes, not UV coordinates)

Tue Aug 20 Rubén López
	* Updated all Transform's to MatrixTransform to follow the new OSG
	* Now material editing is supported

Wed Aug 07 Rubén López ** 0.2.0 release **
	* Now supports preferences of billboards, LOD's and LightSources
	* Fixed a bug that caused osgedit to die when deleting nodes.
	* Update properties on each command executed
	* Modify only the part of the tree that have changed, not all in 
          order to avoid the collapse of the whole tree.

Mon Aug 05 Rubén López 
	* Added GL_NORMALIZE as a property (per-node), so only transform
          nodes which had been scaled have GL_NORMALIZE enabled.

Sun Aug 04 Rubén López 
	* New design implemented, now almost all that worked before works
	  again. Still to implement the new properties.
	* Added also Billboard and LightSource to list of supported nodes.
	* Fixed a bug with the grid, that didn't rotated to match the
	  camera selection.

Thu Aug 01 Rubén López ** 0.1.1 release **
	* Released 0.1.1 version
	* Added Flat/Smooth shading selection
	* Added Solid/Wireframe polygon mode selection

Thu Aug 01 Ricardo Rodriguez
	* Redesigned the system for flexibility

Wed Jul 31 Rubén López
	* Fixed a bug in the four default views
	* Added grid
	* Added USER view (not configurable yet)
	* OsgTreeModel now is an abstract class (less dependency on GTK ->
          faster compilation).

Tue Jul 30 Rubén López
	* Added glEnable(GL_NORMALIZE) in the main() to avoid normals
	  corruption when scaling objects.
	* Added icons to the tree showing the node types.

Mon Jul 29 Rubén López
	* First public release, 0.1.0
        * Galician & Spanish translations

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