[ANNOUNCE] Anjuta 1.0.0 (Diwali)

Dear all,

We're pleased to announce the release of Anjuta 1.0.0 (Diwali). This is
the latest stable release of Anjuta, an Integrated Development
Environment (IDE) for the GNOME 1.x platform. This release includes
numerous enhancements and bugfixes.

Website: http://www.anjuta.org/
Project Page: http://sf.net/projects/anjuta/
About Diwali: http://www.bawarchi.com/festivals/diwali1.html

New: CVS support for Projects and individual files, file revisions are
displayed in Files pane.
New: Gnome Print support (including syntax colouring)
New: Patch plugin to apply diffs
New: Application Wizard support for wxWindows, Xlib, GNOME2, Gtk2 and
libglade2 Projects, plus option for dynamic or static libraries as
targets in generic Projects
New: user identity preferences enabling new editor functions
New: better GNOME integration, now uses configured GNOME URL    
New: MIME handling
New: Anjuta kickstart tutorial
New: automatic expression tips during debugging (hover-and-show)
New: compilation warning/error navigation from terminal
New: better find functionality
New: enhanced file selection widget
New: enhanced Evolution-style about dialog
New: Automatic Variable display when mouse hovered on the variable name
(in dubugger mode).
New: Raw memory veiw for debugger (somewhat resembling ghex).

Updated: synced to Scintilla 1.46
Updated: many usability improvements to the GUI and menus
Updated: Documentation.

Download Notes:
Because anjuta was becoming too big, it was decided that the rpm
be splitted into various pieces. The following are the rpms
available for a particular release:

 anjuta-1.0.0-1.i386.rpm         [Base anjuta]
 anjuta-i18n-1.0.0-1.i386.rpm    [localization support]
 anjuta-docs-en-1.0.0.i386.rmp   [English documentaion]
 anjuta-docs-ja-1.0.0.i386.rmp   [Japanese documentaion]

The base package is all you have for woring in English locale and
without any documentation (except README and other basic docs).

If you want to work in different locale other than English,
install the anjuta-i18-* package. And if you want anjuta manual,
tutorial and faq, install the anjuta-docs-* packages of the
language you want (currently only en and ja are available).

Thanks and regards,
The Anjuta Team

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