Yelp 0.5


Yelp 0.5 is out the door. Yelp is the new help browser for GNOME 2.0. It
supports documents written in Docbook XML (and the old SGML format), man
pages and info pages.

Screenshots can be viewed at:

Changes in this release:

* Support for INFOPATH                          (Me)
* Faster in-doc browsing .                      (Me)
* Fixed bugs: #72637, #72965, #75081            (Me)
* UTF8 Fix                                      (Zbigniew Chyla)
* Accessibility fixes                           (Padraig O'Briain,
						 Jagadeesh B. G)
* Updated translations                          (Christophe Merlet)

Please file bugs that you find in bugzilla at:

  Mikael Hallendal

Mikael Hallendal                micke codefactory se
CodeFactory AB        
Office: +46 (0)8 587 583 05     Cell: +46 (0)709 718 918

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