GNOME Control Center 1.99.5, "No Oscar for me"

GNOME Control Center 1.99.5 is out at your favorite GNOME mirror.

New in this release:

 * New keyboard accessibility settings dialog (Jody Goldberg)

 * New property dialog for editing global key bindings (Jonathan Blandford)

 * Reworked background dialog (Seth Nickell, Richard Hestilow)

 * Launch gnome-settings-daemon automatically when property dialogs
   request it (Seth Nickell)

 * Fix keyboard settings (Lauris Kaplinski)

 * Updated user documentation (Kevin Breit)

 * Random Bug fixes (Lauris Kaplinski, Havoc Pennington, Jacob Berkman,
   Jody Goldberg, Richard Hestilow, Bradford Hovinen, Kjartan Maraas,
   Jonathan Blandford, Dave Camp, Zbigniew Chyla)

 * This is shorter than the average Academy Awards acceptance speech


 * Latest libgnome is needed for recent schema changes.  A relatively
   recent GNOME 2 beta setup is needed for the rest.



Comments, suggestions, patches and bug reports are welcome, as always.
Please file all bugs at


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