GGV 1.99.7

nicknamed (with a little help by F. Nietzsche) "Und auch jetzt ist ein
Mensch mehr Affe als irgend ein Affe"...

...which captures the spirit of our time so well and gives tribute to
the apeish component model that your favourite postscript previewer has
come to master...

...has just been uploaded to the FTP master site

so rejoice, since a new version of gnome ghostview has finally arrived,
featuring a zillion of small bugfixes that make it run smoother and
smoother, making reading a postscript document an experience you soon
won't be able to miss ;)

federico and me have been responsible for the code-wise part of the
improvements while dmitry, abel, yanko, pauli, stanislav, pablo,
changwoo, jordi, carlos, akira, hasbullah, kjartaan, ole, zbigniew,
cristophe & christian and myself have been translating ggv for you

have fun,


email: jaka gnu org

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