gnome-games 2.0.0

Whoo, 2.0.0 !

gnome-games "Head-banger boogie" 2.0.0 is unleashed before your eyes.

- fix a bunch of dialog positioning problems (Ross Burton)
- fix data files locations (me, Ross, Juan Pablo)
- prefs crash in mahjongg (me) (Closes: #84281)
- aisleriot mouse action (Fernando Herrera)

- Slovenian (minmax)
- Catalan (jordim)
- Norwegian (Kjartan Maraas)
- Chinese (traditional) (lark)
- Vietnamese

Where abouts 'en ?


PS: If anybody knows the name of the track used in the Coca-cola
football advert with the 3-legged boy, and the goal-keeping mole (and
that incendently wins the world cup for England in the version I see
here), let me know.
/Bastien Nocera

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