ANNOUNCE: GTablature 0.4


GTablature 0.4


GTablature is a tablatures (guitar partitions) editor and
player destined to Linux-user guitarists, it uses Timidity for playing and
GNU Lilypond for printing.
GTablature is entirely written in Python.


- Printing with LaTeX and Lilypond (still experimental) !
- Drums !!!
- Drums "tuning" dialog !
- Import from Ascii tablature (tested only with GTablature Ascii tab...)
- Improved left/right movements as well as mouse click single note
- Ask for saving if needed on close, open or new
- Songs have now a language property (used by LaTeX)
- Banjo 5 strings in G added !


- Ascii tablatures with triplets
- Ascii tablatures with notes fretted at 10 or more

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