ANNOUNCE: gnome-core-1.4.1

So. This is the final release of gnome-core before GNOME 1.4.1 is
released. Unless we find a way to tame the one known crash in the panel
in the near future, this is going to be it.

New in this release:

    News for gnome-core-1.4.1:

- panel

        * Fix some multiscreen related problems. (George)
        * Fix a couple of crashes. (George)
        * Fix some build problems. (Kjartan)
        * Fix duplicate init of gwmh. (Kjartan)
- gnome-terminal

        * Fix a crash when given an empty command on the 
          commandline. (Kjartan)
- gsm

        * Fix keyboard navigation in the logout dialog (Jacob)
        * Fix crashes in ICE code. (Jacob)
        * Up registration interval for clients (Mark)
- translations

        * Polish (The pl translation team),
        * Spanish (Carlos)
        * Vietnamese (NN)


Please file bugs in bugzilla at

We are investigating a crash in the panel that involves gwmh_*()
functions so if you see those in the backtrace it should be filed as a
duplicate of

I'll make RPMS and put them at
sometime the next 24 hours.

Give it a beating.


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